WIT 30

WIT 30 is back for another year.

The 30 day annual nutrition challenge brought to you by WIT and PH Nutrition is starting on 1st May. An unmissable opportunity to educate yourself on how to train better, look better and most importantly feel better.

The challenge is suitable for everyone. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle or just empower yourself with knowing fact from fiction. You’ll be supported with a nutrition guide, personalised calories and macro nutrient breakdown, sample meal plans, recipes and education on food and fitness throughout the month. Whatever your goal, the programme is tailored to ensure better training performance and, to leave you feeling healthier.

Scroll down for a 101 on the challenge and find out everything you need to know to get involved.


A 30 day nutrition and healthy lifestyle challenge. Created by WIT and PH Nutrition, this challenge will see you learn about nutrition and training and enhance your approach to food and fitness, so you can see and feel results and build solid sustainable habits. You will be set daily and weekly tasks and challenges, in addition to being supported with food and training guides.  

Daily tasks include;

Daily calorie targets – receive points for tracking and hitting your target calories

Daily food list - eat in the green table / limit table (this will be more clear when you see the guide!)


Fitness Session

Abs Challenge

Weekly tasks include;

Eat one Vegan meal

Complete your workouts

Fitness Homework




You will receive an email with the log in details to the app once you are signed up. Your first lesson will be delivered via the app on 1st May.

On the 1st May you will get access to the nutrition guide, macro calculator and challenge resources.


You will be guided through step by step via the app and receive many links to download content and additional resources that will support you.

You receive a nutrition guide, 3 recipe packs a tracking guide and a tonne of other resources to help guide you through the challenge. 

Included in the nutrition guide:

- Access to our macro calculator (so you can calculate the amount of macronutrients — the grams of proteins, carbs and fats — you should eat for optimal performance and results).

- 1 x recipe pack

- 1 x vegan recipe pack

- 1 x vegetarian recipe pack

- 1 x how to hit your macros guide

- 1 x snack book

- 1 Q&A Zoom session weekly

- WODIFY Rise app daily and weekly tasks

- If buying 1 month of food prep, you will get a 1 week for free!

Included to support your fitness:

- Gus' Weekly Homework Challenge for each group

- Gus' Daily Abs Challenge 

- Weekly Zoom Session

- 2 WEEKS free access to FIIT Premium (More than 500 classes). + 25% OFF for those who want to sign up after free trial. 

- WODIFY Rise daily and weekly tasks tracker

Additionally, there will be regular Q&A’s to help you crush the challenge and clarify any concerns or queries.

Should I sign up for the fat loss or strength gain programme?

Identify your limiting factor.

If you feel that strength is preventing you from making progress in areas such as gymnastics or barbell movements, then strength is the way forward. It is not a “bulk” ...don’t worry. It is more about fuelling your training better.

If you want to lean out, drop excess body fat, without having your energy levels nosedive then fat loss is the program for you!

What foods do I have to remove?

No food is “bad” or “good”. We have provided you with a priority food list. If you focus on building your nutrition plan around these foods, you will make progress and feel healthier. The more you eat from the limit table the harder it will be. We will provide you with a food table which we have categorised into anytime foods, training foods and foods to limit.  

So this is not low carb?

No, this is not low carb. It is more "controlled" carb. We want to eat our carbs at the right times to support our energy and training performance. 

I do not want to track my food. Can I still do the challenge?

The challenge is about finding a pattern of eating that works for you. You can use the hand portion control guide if you like. You do not have to track (weigh and measure your food), just like you do not have to follow the exact meal structure. But if you do, you will make progress quicker. It is a challenge; some parts are not meant to be easy!

Can I do it if I am a vegetarian/vegan?

Yes absolutely. The principles are exactly the same and the macro calculator will provide you with guidance on how to change your macros.

Do I have to follow the meal structure?

Yes and no!

Let us explain…

One of the biggest areas we see with members is lack of structure. This leads to either mindless snacking as you haven't planned when the next meal is, or you haven't eaten enough so you are hungry. Regular patterns of eating are crucial for fat loss and strength gains.

The meal structure is set as a guide, not a rulebook. Over the course of the challenge, we encourage you to personalise it, so it fits your lifestyle.

Do I have to weigh myself?

You will weigh in at the start and the end. However, you can weigh yourself as much as you want throughout! These are the most accurate scales and provide a consistent measurement. It is also advisable to measure the (with a tape measure) key areas of your body; waist, chest, hips, thighs and upper arms.

Weighing yourself is just a way for you to track your own progression. The winners will be chosen based on their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos.


How do I win?

The best before and after body transformation for each Fat Loss and Strength will win the prizes.

The before and after picture should be taken in the same place, wearing the same clothes.

What do I win?

Over £4k in prizes!

- 1 Year Access to FIIT Premium 

- 1 year Free PH Nutrition Consultation 

- 1 Food prep company (Liam is still negotiating the prize)

- £300 Foodspring Voucher 

- 5 Gus PT Sessions (Face to face or Remote)

- WIT Fitness £250 Voucher + 1 Theragun

- WIT House London 1 month Free membership or 20 Drop-In sessions (if the winner doesn’t live in London)