Nike Free Metcon 4 review: Everything You Need to Know


Introducing, the latest iteration in the Metcon range, the Nike Free Metcon 4.
Combining the fan favourite functional Nike Metcon with the comfort and versatility of the Free Metcon series.

This is a trainer for the Fitness Obsessed at large. Rooted in the fundamentals of functionality and simplicity, with a culturally influenced, playful design.


When we think of Metcon, we think of stability.

Nike Free Metcon 4 Review


When we think of Metcon, we think of stability. The Free Metcon achieves its stability a little differently to the traditional Metcon. The Free Metcon dons an over-exaggerated splayed heel that runs flush to the ground, keeping you grounded during weight training and lateral dynamic movements such as box jumps, shuttle sprints & skipping workouts.

From HIIT classes to Metcons, this shoe is perfect for anyone looking to add some stylish comfort to their training day.




Albeit it a heavy aesthetic, the Free Metcon 4 is an incredibly lightweight and agile shoe. The higher heel to toe drop than the classic Metcon, accompanied by an incredibly mouldable outer sole make this shoe the go-to for workouts that may include running or your next spicy HIIT class.


Whoever said “You can’t have stability AND comfort” has never tried a pair of Free Metcons. The stretch materials of the upper combined with the dual density foam of the mid sole create an incredibly comfortable feel, but not without crucial stability.


Whoever said “You can’t have stability AND comfort.” Has never tried on a pair of Free Metcons.


The Nike Free Metcon 4 boldly bridges the gap between your favourite ‘comfy trainers’ & the unrelenting stability of the much loved Nike Metcon series. Whether you prefer HIIT classes, regularly jump into mixed modality workouts, or simply if you’re actively on your feet for long periods of time throughout the day, the Free Nike Metcon 4 is a must buy this season.




Are Nike Metcon 4 good for running? 

The Nike Free Metcon 4 is good for running and everyday wear. The shoe is designed to perform best in mixed modality sports providing a responsive sole and wide base for both stability and grip.

Are Nike Metcon 4 good for lifting? 

The Nike Free Metcon 4 is good for lifting with a splayed heel designed to evenly distribute weight helping to stabilise and ground your lift. The Nike Metcon 4 performs best in a barbell workout that also requires running and lateral movement.

Can Nike Free Metcon 4 run? 

Yes you can run in the Nike Free Metcon 4! The dual density foam of the mid sole provides comfort for running without compromising the stability of the shoe. The Nike Free Metcon 4 also boasts a higher heel to toe drop than its Metcon sister, making it the perfect accomplice for those short distance runs.

What are Nike Free Metcon for?

Nike Free Metcon are for the athlete that does it all. Whether you run, lift, love a HIIT workout or are just on your feet all day! The Nike Metcon 4 is designed to provide comfort and support across modalities, making it an essential for the all round athlete.