This team has what it takes to push their game to the next level, and inspire us along their way.

Meet the athletes

This is a group who know what they want and what it takes to get there. In a sometimes noisy world, TEAM WIT serves as inspiration in our own training lives, offering an authentic point of view on what it takes to succeed at the highest levels, and sharing no shortage of laughs with us along the way. 


It’s that time of the year again...Black Friday.

Our friends at NOBULL have just unveiled their 2020 All Black Black Friday Collection, a limited edition drop of their most beloved silhouettes...completely blacked out. So if you have ever wondered why you couldn’t find your favourite NOBULL style in an all black option...this is why!

This is the ONLY time of year that the styles are released in the infamous ‘black on black’ colour-way. Generally speaking, all black is one of the most sought after sneaker colours going, but one of the rarest in the world of NOBULL. So here’s everything you need to know about the infamous All Black NOBULL Collections (past and present), and what you need to do to stand your best chance of snagging a pair (or two!) in the release next Friday. So listen up, or risk waiting around for Black Friday 2021...

The NOBULL 2020 All Black Collection, Launching MIDNIGHT EST Black Friday, featuring the infamous All Black SuperFabric Trainer, alongside NOBULL's most beloved silhouettes, in a Blackout Colour-way


First things first, there is some history here. Rewind to 2015 and we saw the first ever release of the NOBULL A Black on Black iteration of NOBULL’s first Trainer silhouette, released on Black Friday at midnight American East Coast Time. NOBULL fans, hungry for an All Black edition of the new but already beloved Trainer, snapped up the release and the entire drop sold out within 2 minutes  - globally. The release was gone in the blink of an eye, and a tired eye. Those lucky few that were willing to stay up until midnight, secured a pair of All Blacks in the original release. And for those who missed out? They would have to hold out for another year. And so the Blackout began…

The first ever all black Nobull Trainer was released on Black Friday in 2015, and sold out in 2 minutes - globally

On Black Friday 2016, the All Black Trainer made its year-long, and highly anticipated return. This time fans were treated to all All Black Edition of NOBULL’s new and improved SuperFabric Trainer Silhouette. Following the success of the prior years’ release, in 2016 NOBULL had slightly higher inventory (a.k.a more trainers were made), but the result was the same...a repeat sell-out. A Blackout pattern was starting to form...

So in 2017 the NOBULL Black Friday release got bigger. Instead of just one shoe, we saw the introduction of an All Black Collection. Featuring a blacked out NOBULL Lifter, High Top Trainer and a Leather Trainer. But it wasn’t just the Collection that got bigger, 2017 was the year that the NOBULL All Black release skyrocketed. As Todd Meleney, NOBULL’s VP of Marketing, shares...In 2017 NOBULL ‘were so stunned by the velocity’ of the launch. The urgency of the previous years, was amplified and then some in 2017. The demand for the release was off the charts, NOBULL had never seen traffic like it, and nor had the internet in fact. Shopify (the world's leading e-commerce platform for retailers) ‘told NOBULL that they were the number 1 store in the world, out of 500k others’ at Launch. This is a staggering achievement, and a reflection of the excitement and demand for the All Black releases.  

In 2017 the All Black Trainer sold out in hours, and the release of their biggest all black collection to date saw NOBULL become the biggest shopify store in the world at launch. The demand had sky-rocketed.

But what makes this internet breaking performance even more impressive (and mind-blowing) is the context of the release date and time...Midnight American East Coast Time...on BLACK FRIDAY!
The biggest day of the year for retailers, and a seriously late night launch time for consumers. This is the true sign of a phenomenon. So why do the All Black Collections launch overnight..?

Todd explains ‘ordering at midnight created an experience with the brand and a level of urgency. In the early years, and still at times now, launches sell out.’ None more so than the All Black Collections. So if you aren't willing to stay up late/get up early to be ready to add to checkout at launch, the shoe will be sold out by the time you wake the next day. ‘If you miss out, you may not be able to order that product again’, ever!

The following year in 2018, the All Black Collection saw further developments with the addition of the All Black Knit Runner. This combined with a limited edition run of returning favourites such as the SuperFabric Trainer and the High Top Trainer, saw yet another sell-out collection, and the midnight shopping frenzy continued.

Ordering at Midnight EST created an experience with the brand and a level of urgency. If you missed out you may not be able to order that product again, ever!

Each year the NOBULL Black Friday collection draws viewership from athletes across the entire sport. But it was in 2019 that NOBULL’s Black Friday truly went viral, in every sense of the word. Following the recruitment of Tia-Clair Toomey and Katrin Davíðsdóttir, alongside NOBULL OG Brooke Wells, NOBULL kicked off their Black Friday season with The NOBULL Film Festival. A first-if-its-kind event which showcased NOBULL’s own short film, and celebrated the incredible content being produced by the Fitness Community, the event was hosted in New York, and with the content streamed to the World online, it amassed views of over 2 million. All eyes were on NOBULL...and everyone knew what was to follow...the fourth All Black Release. With the addition of new top-tier athletes, it was no surprise that a whole new cohort of NOBULL devotees were keen to snag an elusive pair of All Black NOBULLs, and so the brand registered yet another Black Friday sell-out, their biggest ever.


And so we come to Black Friday 2020, and NOBULL have unveiled ‘their biggest collection yet’. WIth the addition of more recent styles to the mix, such as the already beloved Diamond Mesh Runner and the Canvas Trainer, there is an All Black option for everyone this year. But what you need to know is that the inventory is still LIMITED, so if past experience is anything to go buy, these shoes will sell out, with only 500 SuperFabric Blackout Trainers available at WIT Worldwide, you’ll need to set those alarm clocks to be ready to go at 5AM sharp. So what is the best way to increase your chances of securing the shoe you are after? Visit the WIT Launches page now to explore the Blackout Styles in this year’s Collection, and be sure to sign up to be notified of the drop first. This means that you will be the first to know when the drop has switched live on launch day, giving you the best chance of snagging your size and checking straight out. 

Ordering at Midnight (5AM GMT) created an experience with the brand and a level of urgency. If you missed out you may not be able to order that product again, ever!

But this is not the only reason why this year’s collection is their biggest yet. It also encapsulates a wider Holiday Collection which features an additional 3 spin-off Camo Collections inspired by the All Black's incognito design, but featuring an army-inspired camouflaged design, available in a choice of 3 colour-ways - the Army Camo, the Sand Camo and the Forest Camo. This is not the first time NOBULL has widened their Black Friday Collection, we saw the Black Friday Wild Pack in 2019 and the Black and White Collection in 2018. In years gone by these Black Friday Spin-off collections have been just as rare and hard to pin-down as the infamous All Black Collection.


So if you are one of the lucky few who already have a pair of All Blacks in your possession (or perhaps you just fancy a bit of Camo in your collection) be sure to also explore the Camo Collection styles and colour-ways on Launches and sign up to be notified of the launch. 

Sara Sigmundsdóttir is #TeamWIT


Team WIT have gone next level in our mission to inspire and ignite the training journeys of the global fitness community, penning a multi year deal with Icelandic CrossFit Athlete, Sara Ragnheiður Sigmundsdóttir.

Sigmundsdóttir is an institution in the sport of fitness, consistently snatching CrossFit regional and Sanctional titles and earning hardware at the CrossFit Games. Sara’s training journey has been followed by millions around the globe, with her charm, work ethic, and sheer star power making her a personality transcendent of the sport in which she competes, resonating across all sectors of sport and fitness. 

Sara is an inspiration to the fitness community and athletes all over the world and is perfectly aligned to our brand slogan and ethos of “Whatever it takes”.


Simply put, Sara has a unique cross category appeal, a Whatever it Takes mentality, and rare x factor. In a sport where progress is not guaranteed and success is not automatic, Sara is poised to do Whatever it Takes to be her best. WIT Fitness (Whatever it Takes) is proud and honoured to support Sara in her relentless pursuit to be her best, because when she is at her best, Sara Sigmundsdottir is a truly dangerous competitor on the world stage. 


Daniel Williams, CEO of WIT Fitness, has said: “Sara’s choosing to wear our products and trusting us to work with her in developing of her own range, really underscores the quality of our products and the direction the brand is taking. Sara is an inspiration to the fitness community and athletes all over the world and is perfectly aligned to our brand slogan and ethos of “Whatever it takes”.

WIT will indeed adopt a bespoke Sigmundsdottir range in the near future, something Sara is passionate about developing and is one of the reasons she chose to make the move from Nike. This is a direction seen recently elsewhere: Roger Federer from Nike to ON Running, Andy Murray from Under Armour to Castore and, closer to home, Tia-Claire Toomey and Katrin Davidsdottir from Reebok to NOBULL. Sara will continue to wear Nike footwear in the near future, as WIT continue our close global strategic partnership with the brand.

On Sara’s value going forward and WIT’s brand direction, Williams said: “ As an elite athlete Sara is a seasoned and consistent performer and at her relatively young age, we believe she has many successful years ahead of her. As well as the immediate value to WIT, it is her desire to contribute to our longer-term project which really attracted us to working with Sara. We want to become a globally dominant sports retailer and brand in our own right and we are excited to see how the signing of Sara will super charge our growth."

"I connected straight away with the brand when I knew the story behind it."


On why she has ultimately made the decision to join Team WIT, Sigmundsdottir has this to say; 

“I have been a fan of WIT since I first discovered the brand. 

I first visited their gym/store in 2018 when I was there doing a shoot with Kara Saunders, Josh Bridges and Mat Fraser. If I remember correctly they had just opened the store at that time. Then I did a panel there with a bunch of people just before competing at the Strength In Depth in 2019 and I just remember thinking to myself how good the atmosphere there was. It is hard to describe it but it was just so positive and energetic. I have always thought they have this special “swag” about them, and therefore I was instantly excited when I learned that they were interested in working with me. 


I connected straight away with the brand when I knew the story behind it, and knowing how driven they are and they literally stand for what it means “They do whatever it takes”, and my favourite thing…. their logo is a rune the symbolises strength. This is exactly why I decided to join them. 

The ideas they had for our collaboration simply took my breath away and I can’t wait for it all to unfold.


WIT will be letting the world in on the collaboration process with Sara, so they can get as excited about it as we are. 



It's heating up in Canada. 

Reebok athletes Pat Vellner and Brent Fikowski fancy a little friendly competition. So they've challenged each other to a lockdown bro-down. They're headed online to take each other on in the ultimate head-to-head zoom workout on the 20th of November, the Bro-down.

But they want to make things interesting, so they are going all in, and inviting you to join them to build the ultimate head to head team battle.

So, are you Team Pat, or Team Brent?

Shop their limited edition 'Fikwoski' and 'Vellner' bro-down tees now to join their team and secure your invite to the lockdown bro-down that you don't want to miss.

We'll see you at the Bro-down!

are you team vellner?

or, team fikowski?

The winner will be decided on the 20th. 

Purchasing either t-shirt secures you an invite to the Lockdown Bro-down, an online virtual workout experience with Reebok athletes Pat Vellner and Brent Fikowoski. Further details to be confirmed via email following sign up. Internet access will be required to participate. 



Introducing the Nike Pony Sweat Collection. A Metcon 6 and Free Metcon 3 designed to inspire you to sweat like no one is watching.

Designed in collaboration with Pony Sweat Aerobics, an LA Based Aerobics Studio inspired by a radical celebration of dance. The collection's design is inspired by Pony Sweat's infectious energy, inhibition-freeing attitude and retro inspired aerobic adoration. Following a sell-out release at WIT in the UK and Europe last month, the hotly anticipated collection is now headed stateside, and you can shop it first at WIT.

Before every Pony Sweat class, Emilia Richeson reminds the group gathered at her L.A. dance aerobics studio that “Pony Sweat is fiercely noncompetitive.”

The collection encapsulate the non-competitive, yet fiercely infectious, energy of the Pony Sweat community. The White, Baltic Blue & Pink Blast colour way is a representation of Pony Sweat's classes, an hour long dance-athon inspired by a combination of steps from 80’s VHS tapes of iconic aerobics gurus such as Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda. The cathartic punches, kicks and “ponies” of the class have a way of moving that just feels good in your body. This feel good movement is captured in the collection's rhythmic pattern which runs throughout the collection. 


The bright and multi coloured patterned outfits worn by aerobics enthusiasts throughout the 80s and 90s are portrayed on the upper of the Nike Metcon 6 and on the heel counter and swoosh of the Nike Free Metcon 3. The beautiful and eye catching colour way is a perfect homage to the 80s and 90s as well as to Emilia Richeson and Pony Sweat who are helping to spread the message of body positivity and mental wellness through the form of dance aerobics.


“Pony Sweat is not about doing it “right” or looking like “it should” or looking like anything at all. It’s about getting our heart rates up to music we love, because when we move our bodies, our minds and our hearts feel better.”

Bring the feel-good, sweat-loving fever to your next session with a piece of the Pony Sweat Collection.
The Pony Sweat is coming soon to WIT US. Sign up to get first access now.


Introducing WIT's third collaboration with Reebok, the WIT x Reebok Nano X. Inspired by the streets of Shoreditch London, and available to the World next Thursday 22nd of October at 8PM BST / 3PM EDT. Ahead of the launch, we break down the inspiration behind the collaborative design, and take a look back at the history of collaboration between WIT and Reebok that was born in the vibrant streets of Shoreditch, London.

Founded in 2015 in Shoreditch, WIT was born and raised in the beating heart of London's sneaker culture. it was here that we first began our relationship with reebok.

Rewind to 2015,  and it was in the bustling streets of Shoreditch London that WIT's first permanent store opened its doors. WIT was born out of the need to give the training obsessed the assortment they were looking for and the choice they deserved. It was here in the streets of Shoreditch that WIT first began our relationship with Reebok. The two brands became united by fitness, and in the 5 years since, Sam Kitching (Co-Founder of WIT) and Tal Short (Head of Performance Product, Reebok) have worked ever more closely to develop collaborative limited edition designs that offer the best performance product to our consumer with designs that hold a special place in the heart of the community. 

"My goal with the WIT X REEBOK NANO X was to design a shoe that represented the amazing community of fitness but also the unique shoe culture that was born out of WIT in Shoreditch London." Sam Kitching, WIT Co-Founder.

Sam Kitching, Co-Founder of WIT explains his inspiration behind the mindful design of this latest collaboration...

"My goal with the WIT X REEBOK NANO X was to design a shoe that represented the amazing community of fitness but also the unique shoe culture that was born out of WIT in Shoreditch London. Here, we were surrounded by a strong sneaker culture having neighbours such as Sneakersnstuff, Nike Lab and Boxpark. We often saw queues out of the door for the latest Reebok DMX, Club C, FURY and Kamikaze drops at Sneakersnstuff. We loved the obsession and passion this community had for their shoes, and we thought there was no reason why we couldn’t have the same. I remember going to Las Vegas with the Reebok brand director Jonny Kidd in 2017 and discussing the culture in Shoreditch and how we wanted to create the same in training. In 2018 in Barcelona Jonny Kidd and Tal Short (Head of Performance Product) surprised me with our first ever Co-Lab the WIT X Reebok Legacy Lifter.

I have always said that every shoe has a story and it is our job to tell that story. So when designing the WIT X REEBOK NANO X, it was about taking that amazing performance product but giving it a look where it would fit right in any of our neighbouring stores. This authentic and real culture in the sneaker world inspired us to become real story tellers and help adopt a similar culture within our own community."

The splashes of punch pink are nods to the vibrant streets of Shoreditch. Whilst the black heel and chalk patterned midsole are inspired by the black bumper plates of our London training space, and the chalk covered floors of boxes around the world. 

This special collaboration is chalk full of mindfully curated details, all nods to our shared history and passion for merging design and functionality. The splashes of punch pink are nods to the vibrant flashes of colour throughout the urban streets of the eclectic district of the city, and the the alabaster upper takes queues from London streetwear. Whilst the black heel and chalk patterned midsole are inspired by the black bumper plates of our London training space and the chalk covered floors of boxes around the world. 

The difference is in the detail with our WIT x Reebok collaboration. The limited edition release features industrial typography, inspired by the warehouse aesthetic of Functional Training spaces. It is this typography which expresses WIT and Reebok's union throughout the shoe, we are 'United by Fitness'.

Taking aesthetic queues from London streetwear, the WIT Nano X Capsule has been designed and crafted by us for people who train hard and do whatever it takes.


Essentially, the WIT x Reebok Nano X is a lovenote to Shoreditch, where we grew up, and where we first began our relationship with Reebok. Taking aesthetic queues from London streetwear, the WIT Nano X Capsule has been designed and crafted by us for people who train hard and do whatever it takes. In the same vein as our shared passion for merging design and functionality, the Limited Edition capsule collection has been engineered to stand up to your most intense training.

From Shoreditch to the rest of the world. The WIT Nano Capsule is available at 8PM BST / 3PM EDT next Thursday the 22nd of October. Sign up for First Access now, and you will secure an hour of exclusive early access to the drop on launch day.



The latest Limited Edition Nike Training Footwear pack has just been unveiled, the 'I Am Not A Robot' pack. Consisting of a Romaleos 4 and a Mens' & Womens' Metcon 6, the pack has already been spotted on the feet of CrossFit Games Stage 2 qualifier and Nike Athlete, Noah Ohlsen. With the Romaleos 4 already live to purchase at WIT in the US, and the rest of the full pack due to launch Worldwide at WIT on the 15th of October, we take a look at the inspiration behind the eye-catching and extremely limited drop.

Consisting of a predominantly blackout colour pallete set against bright splashes of Bold Crimson and Electric Green, the pack's design features graphic elements inspired by the segmented barcodes and checkboxes of an online reCAPTCHA form. This is finished off with a bold statement printed across the metatarsal strap of the lifter, which proudly states in digital clock typography - 'I Am Not A Robot'. 

It is this exact statement that athletes around the world must confirm when entering themselves into competitions online. A process that has been even more significant in recent months as the world of competitive sport has adapted and taken much its season online via remote competition. In these scenarios Athletes must confirm... 
I Am Not A Robot... I AM AN ATHLETE


Ahead of the launch of the 'I Am Not A Robot Pack',  and to celebrate the launch of a Training pack designed for athletes who want to put themselves forward to compete and better themselves, we take a look back at 4 incredible lifting moments in competitive sport that you simply HAVE to know about. Oh, and they all have two things in common...

1 - The moments were all created by Athletes, NOT Robots.

2 - All these Athletes choose Romaleos. 

Mia Åkerlund Event Winning Snatch at the 2018 Dubai CrossFit Championships.


Flashback to 2018, and for the very first time in a CrossFit Event we saw a female athlete snatch over 100KG/220LBS. Swedish CrossFit Games Team athlete, Mia Åkerlund stepped up to the bar in Event 4 of the 2018 event with all eyes on her and perfectly executed a 104KG/228LBS snatch in her pair Nike Romaleos 2s, and comfortably taking the event win. Mia has gone onto compete at the 2018 IWF World Championships for Sweden where she finished in 4th place with a combined total of 214kgs. Mia also competed at the 2019 CrossFit Games on Team CrossFit Alioth where they took 6th place overall.

Mia Åkerlund Snatching at the 2019 IWF European Championships.


Chandler Smith burst onto the CrossFit Games Scene at the 2016 CrossFit Regionals. He competed whilst still being enrolled in the US Army, and in event 5 of the Regional competition Chandler caught the eye of fans globally as he ripped through the final 7 reps of deadlifts at 180KG/405LBS at a phenomenal pace. Fast forward 4 years and Chandler was again showing the CrossFit world his extreme strength and power at the 2020 Rogue Invitational, this time in a remote online competition due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Event 4 was a One Rep Max Clean and Jerk, where Chandler took the event win with a lift of 163KGS/360LBs. Athough not the prettiest of lifts, Chandler muscled through the movement and showcased his raw strength, taking the event win in his White Nike Romaleos 4s. Chandler went on to take 4th overall in the competition and his lifts (and Coach Bergener's Commentary) became a lockdown highlight for fans worldwide.

CHANDLER SMITH WEARING NIKE ROMALEOS 4S. his clean and jerk lifts were a highlight of the online Rogue Invitational.


Described by many of the athletes taking part in the event as the most pumped up and adrenaline fuelled event that they have ever been involved in, the One Rep Max Clean Ladder was the most energetic and loud the Alliant Centre had ever been. One by one, athletes were bowing out as the weights increased, whilst those that remained started to struggle…apart from 4 x CrossFit Games Champion and current Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser. The event ended up being a showdown between Fraser and 8 x CrossFit Games Athlete, Scott Panchik, and Fraser was able to edge Panchik with a lift of 380LBS/172KGS in a pair of Nike Romaleos 3XDs.



In 2019, Team USA Weightlifter Mattie Rogers made history alongside fellow American teammate Katherine Nye by being the first U.S. female weightlifters to take the gold and silver at the World Championships, and the first Americans of either gender to share a world championship podium in 30 years. Rogers and Nye, competing in the women’s 71 kg division, at the 2019 IWF World Championships earned three medals each, including gold for Nye and silver for Rogers in total. Nye swept the gold medals with a 112 kg. snatch, 136 kg. clean & jerk and 248 kg. total. Rogers took snatch bronze with a 106 kg. lift, and clean & jerk (134) and total (240) silvers.



Mattie also made history by becoming the first American to podium at three straight world championships. After Mattie’s 2017 silver medal at the IWF Championships in America, it was the first medal in 12 years for an American of either gender and her 2018 clean & jerk bronze marked the first time a U.S. lifter had medaled at consecutive worlds since 1994, wearing Nike Romaleos 2s.




Some of the greatest moments were all created by Athletes, NOT Robots.

Sign up to get access to the ultra limited drop now, launching Worldwide on the 15th of October.


Introducing the limited edition competition kit launch, designed in collaboration with Japanese Manga artist and illustrator Chie Kutsuwada.

A capsule collection inspired by the strength and community spirit of the WIT athletes, members, customers and team.

Featuring new competition style shapes, made in the same sweat wicking, durable, lightweight fabric as the original WIT Editions collection.

This is your kit for when you mean business.

Manga is a powerful art form of expression and narrative

At the heart of WIT is community and collaboration. We are stronger together. The WIT Manga Limited Edition Capsule Collection brings together all those who inspire us to bring everything they have to the competition floor. Whatever your sport, wherever you are, you have inspired us to tell the story of your perseverance and commitment. 

Whatever your stage, take centre stage. 

Launching Wednesday 30th September


Team WIT's Jamie Simmonds is about to take on her fourth individual CrossFit Games, in a very different setting. Instead of stepping out onto the CrossFit Games competition floor, her arena will instead be her home gym of CrossFit Yas in Abu Dhabi. Starting from tomorrow, qualifying Games athletes from around the world will be taking part in the remote qualifying stages of the 2020 CrossFit Games, in a pinnacle of the Games season, the likes of which we have never seen before. The stakes will be high, with only the top 5 males and top 5 females securing a spot at the in person finals, due to take place in October. 

But Team WIT's Jamie Simmonds is ready for the challenge. Not only is she entering the weekend as the reigning Third Fittest Woman on Earth, but she is a true world-class, top 5 contender with a resume to prove it. With multiple podium finishes at Sanctional events, Jamie’s journey to the top is nothing short of breathtaking. After only starting CrossFit in 2013, Jamie has put on a relentless pursuit to the top of the sport. Ahead of the weekend's action we take a look back at Jamie's astonishing CrossFit journey which started from her first ever CrossFit class at her local box in Dunedin, New Zealand, and led her to the CrossFit Games Podium. There is no doubting that if Jamie wants something, she will put in the work, and go out and get it.

Jamie first found CrossFit when her mother Anita bought her a six week pass to a CrossFit box whilst she was studying at University. With her first workout involving overhead squats, many would have turned around and left, but Jamie was immediately hooked and wanting more.

By the end of 2014, Jamie moved to Abu Dhabi as a PT, and after just two weeks Jamie entered the Dubai Fitness Championship, an event where former Fittest Woman on Earth Annie Thorisdottir was the reigning champ. Jamie battled it out with the top athletes in the sport and went on to win the event. Everyone in the sport then started to ask, who is Jamie Greene?

Fast forward 6 months, and Jamie had qualified for the 2014 Australia Regional where she finished 21st - two places behind none other than Tia-Clair Toomey who finished 19th. Fast forward 5 years and they are both stood on the CrossFit Games Podium.

It was in 2016 when Jamie truly made a household name for herself in the CrossFit world by winning the CrossFit Open. Many wanted to see Jamie go individual, however she had already committed to competing in the team competition with CrossFIt Yas. They ended up on the podium, becoming the first non American Team to do so.

In 2017, Jamie's focus changed to making it to the CrossFit Games as an individual. After finishing 4th in the Open and at the Meridian Regionals, Jamie had punched her tickets to Madison for her rookie year as an individual CrossFit games athlete. Jamie took 8th, an outstanding achievement. At the Games, Jamie won the first ever event held in the Coliseum - 'Amanda45'.

In late 2017, during a Dubai Fitness Championship qualifier, Jamie suffered a setback, dislocating her shoulder which required surgery. After only a few months of rehab, Jamie managed to place 9th in the Open and qualify for the Meridian Regionals. Just 6 months post surgery, Jamie went on to put on arguably the most dominant Regionals display in history with three 1st place finishes and three 2nd place finishes. Jamie took 11th at the 2018 Games after a year filled with ups and downs.

It wasn’t long after the end of Regionals and the start of Sanctionals that Jamie was on the podium in the new format, taking 2nd place at the Dubai CrossFit Championship. Jamie has since gone on to finish on the podium again in Dubai, Strength in Depth, the Down Under CrossFit Championship and winning Wodapalooza on a team.

Heading into the 2019 Reebok Crossfit Games, Jamie had qualified to the CrossFit Games on a team, as an individual through the open and as national champion of New Zealand. Jamie went into the games with eyes on her and lived up to the hype, taking 3rd place and cementing herself as one of the best and most consistent CrossFit athletes in the history of the sport.

Jamie is a true world class athlete in the sport as we cannot wait to see her throw down in the qualifiers over the weekend. Keep up to date and get behind Jamie this weekend with regular updates from TeamWIT on email and social, as Jamie aims to make it back to the CrossFit Games podium. 

Want It. Get It.

WHAT THE METCON: What is it all about?

The latest NIKE Metcon 6 release has just been unveiled...the 'What The' Metcon 6. And those might well have been your exact words...what the *?!* is that shoe? There is SO much going on. Colours you recognise. Colours you own. Others you don't...yet!

But fear not, as Team WIT is here to break it down for you. We talk you through exactly what the 'What The' series is, how limited & sought after the drops have been, and how and when can you get your hands on the first EVER What The Metcon release. Read on to find out more...

"The 'What The Metcon' combines some of those most beloved Metcon colour-ways ever released, all mashed-up in one extremely limited must-have Metcon."


The What The Metcon 6 is not the first of its kind.  The colour-blocking and eye-catching 'What The' series is in fact one of Nike's most recognisable and hyped franchises within their sneaker business. It all started back in 2007 with the What The Nike SB Dunk Low, aka 'What The Dunk'. Since then, the range has produced sell-out after sell-out limited release drops across some of Nike's most successful ranges. These have included numerous and repeated drops within Nike Basketball, as well as Football, Streetwear, and now...Metcon.

The extremely limited 'What The?' releases are mash-ups of some of those most popular and beloved colour-ways ever released within each respective shoe range, all combined into one shoe. The result? Vibrant, eye-catching, colour-blocked, mis-matched, must-have sneaker drops, that are as limited as they are lucrative, with the original NIKE SB What the Dunk re-selling online for £31,000 a pair. So let's take a look at some of the most iconic 'What The' releases...

The Nike What the Dunk. This was the first ever release in the series, and pairs are now re-selling for as much as £31,000.

The' What The Kobe' arrived in 2012, mashing up the NIKE ZOOM KOBE 7 and kicked off the slew of 'WHAT THE' releases in Nike Basketball.

The' What The Doernbecher' was the 11th release in the series and limited to only 11 pairs. It combined 13 different Nike SB Doernbecher sneakers and all 11 pairs were sold at charity auction.

The 'What The Mercurial' Football boot was released in 2016 and celebrated 16 of the most iconic colour-ways in one boot, and saw the inclusion of 'What The' limited edition packaging including a 'What The Bag' and 'What The Box'.

The 'What The Metcon', the latest release in the series which cements the Metcon-head culture at the forefront of sneaker hype.


The success and hype of the 'What The' series is testament to the cultural relevance of the shoe ranges that it has embodied. From Nike Skateboarding to Football, Basketball and Streetwear, the 'What The' franchise only takes on the most cutting edge ranges that are leading subcultures within both sport and lifestyle. So the release of the What The Metcon is so much more than another Metcon Colour-way. It is the acknowledgement of the cultural power of the Metcon and the strength of the community of Metcon-heads around the world. The birth and viral success of fan accounts such a @NikeMetconClub and @NikeMetconTribe have also been key in cultivating the Metcon culture and cementing the Metcon as one of the largest sneaker communities in the world. The What The Metcon release cements this community at the intersection of training and cutting edge sneaker culture, and looks to indulge its every Metcon delight.


The What The Metcon will be released in male and female sizes at WIT Worldwide at 8am BST / 8AM ET on Monday the 14th of September. The drop will be launched exclusively first to those that have signed up for first access via the WIT Launches page, with general sale only commencing if stocks remain. Demand is expected to be huge so be sure to sign up to ensure you do not to miss out one of the most defining Metcon releases in our history.*  

*First access slots will close prior to launch when demand outweighs supply. This is an extremely limited release and it is highly recommended that you sign up to the 1st Access list as soon as possible prior to launch day to ensure your best chances of securing the drop.


The latest in NIKE innovation has arrived in Metcon - the Metcon 6 Flyease, launching at WIT Worldwide on the 31st of August.

This Metcon sees the introduction of Nike's Flyease technology, an innovative footwear system that enables the athlete to put on their shoes with ease, speed, and comfort. Nike's Flyease technology is designed to minimise the time and physicality required for an athlete to get their shoes on, without compromising any level of fit, performance or function, and challenges the belief that there is only one way to put your shoes on. It is a technology which is already seen across a number of Nike ranges including Air Jordan, Air Max and Air Zoom Running.

So ahead of the launch let's take a look at how the technology works and who it is designed for...



Flyease editions of Nike's most popular shoes are intended to deliver improved usability without compromising any function or performance. The Metcon 6 Flyease edition is therefore fundamentally designed upon the model of the all new Metcon 6 iteration. You can therefore expect to see all the latest developments from the latest 5 to 6 Metcon update, most notably the increased breathability through the introduction of a lightweight mesh upper. You can find out more about the fundamental Mecton 6 design updates in our 'Everything You Need to Know About the Metcon 6' Newsroom. 

The main point of difference in the Flyease iteration is centred around the TPU tail gate. This heel counter (or lack of) allows the athlete to step in to the shoe and scrunch their foot inside with the heel counter collapsing around their heel. The tailgate then rebounds back into place, securing the athlete's foot into the shoe without any requirement to tie laces. The ultimate in ease and speed. 

The benefits of the TPU tailgate are then mirrored when removing the shoe. A simple step onto the tailgate with the opposite foot widens the heel opening and allows for the athlete to slide their foot out with ease. 



Of course the introduction of Flyease technology and this easy access TPU tailgate, expands access to the Metcon range and unlocks the benefits of Metcon performance to more athletes than ever before, including a new number of adaptive athletes. “When I’m competing against other people, I’m holding myself to the same standards as every able-bodied athlete does,” says Logan Aldridge, the Fittest One-Armed Man on Earth. Logan has been trialing and training in the all new Metcon 6 Flyease for a number of months prior to launch. and is a huge fan of the universally accessible design of the Flyease Metcon 6.

But the shoe is not just for adaptive athletes it is for all, everyone. Designed to ease the process of every athlete through innovative technology and universal design for all. Whether you're throwing your Metcons on in a rush because you're late for your workout, or looking to kick your Metcons off before strapping into your Romaleos for a big lift, Flyease tech will allow you to make every transition easier, quicker and soon Flyease will be second nature to us all.  

You can get the Metcon 6 Flyease at WIT Worldwide on the 31st of August. Head to our Launches page now to check out the number of different colour-ways available and sign up to access the limited drop first to ensure you don't miss out.


Brooke, Tia & Katrin x NOBULL

Meet Brooke Wells, Tia-Clair Toomey and Katrin Davidsdottir.

Proud NOBULL athletes, and 3 of the greatest CrossFit athletes to have graced the world stage. 

They have inspired fans and athletes across the world with their driven, dogged and dominant performances. But these 3 ladies are so much more than influencers, they are pure-grit, high-performance athletes who dedicate their lives day in and day out to pushing their performance capabilities further than ever before. 

As NOBULL looks to celebrate these 3 iconic athletes with a one-of-a-kind collection, we take a look back at 3 moments that cemented their iconic statuses and take a look at the individual mantras they live, train and compete by.


Brooke took the CrossFit world by storm in 2015 when at just 19 years old and a relative unknown she won the CrossFit Central Regional. She continued to make waves the following year at the 2016 CrossFit Games, taking part in events at the iconic CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, California. Few can forget the moment when Brooke, after already having completed a gruelling 7km trail run through unforgiven terrains, took on the 20 bar deadlift ladder. Having had just 10 minutes rest, Brooke stepped from one bar to the next picking each one up with incomprehensible ease. Brooke was the only female athlete to complete the ladder, which started at 275lbs and rose in 20lbs increments to 415lbs (188kg). This dominant moment stamped Brooke’s presence in the CrossFit world as being one of the strongest and most powerful athletes in the game. Brooke went on to take 6th that year at the age of just 21. It is a moment that few can forget and has become an iconic symbol of female strength at the CrossFit Games.

Brooke Wells was the only female to complete the Deadlift Ladder at the 2016 CrossFit Games, topping out at 415lbs (188kg), an iconic moment in the sport.

Brooke in fact only discovered CrossFit as a result of her early athletic endeavours on the track. From a young age she was constantly pushing her body to find out what it was capable of. Whether on the track as a young teen, or in gymnastics classes as a little girl. Brooke always pushed herself and thrived in a competitive environment, learning to put in the work needed at home, and then perform on the competitive stage when it counted. 

Whether on the track as a teen or on the Competition floor as a Games athlete, Brooke has learnt how to focus and perform when it counts.

Katrin Davidsdottir

Katrin Davidsdottir is one of the most iconic CrossFit athletes of all time, having achieved what only 3 woman have - the double CrossFit Games title. In 2016 she went into the CrossFit Games as the reigning champ. Going into the fifth and final day of competition, Katrin was in second place to Tia-Clair Toomey by 8 points and needed to make up ground fast. The final morning kicked off with a 280 ft Handstand walk for time. Although Katrin was known for being exceptional on her hands, 280ft was going to be a challenge for any athlete. No one was expecting to see what happened next. Katrin set off quickly and took an early lead. As many athletes started to fatigue and kick down, all eyes were on Katrin and Kari Pearce who were head to head (or hand to hand) waiting to see who was going to kick down first and shake out. It came down to the final segment of the 280ft when Kari finally broke, giving Katrin the chance to take the victory. Katrin managed to walk the entire length of the stadium unbroken, without kicking down from the handstand once. Katrin's performance not only shot her back into first place and ultimately helped her to secure her second Fittest on Earth title, but also personified her dogged determination to win, and her ability to pull out incredible performances when she needs them most. 

Katrin Davidsdottir Winning The Handstand Walk at the 2016 CrossFit Games, regaining first place and taking her second Fittest on Earth title. When it counts, never count Katrin out.

A true work horse, or 'sled-dog', Katrin loves nothing more than putting in the work. Wanting to be pushed, wanting to discover her potential and wanting to suffer to succeed, Katrin has always loved the process. She has displayed this mental fortitude time and time again on the world stage and truly has defined the art of fitness as a sport. Always pushing to empty the tank and leave everything on the competition floor, Katrin embodies the pursuit of being the best version of yourself. 

Katrin's mental fortitude and relentless work ethic has defined her 'sled-dog' persona.

Tia-Clair Toomey

Arguably the greatest athlete of all time, Tia-Clair Toomey was the first athlete to compete at the CrossFit Games and the Olympics in the same year back in 2016. Fast forward to 2019, the 2 time (now 3 time) champ took on the one rep max clean event in front of the most energetic and pumped up crowd the CrossFit Games has ever seen. One by one, athletes were bowing out as the weights got heavier until only Toomey and Amanda Barnhart were left. Back in 2017, CrossFit Games director Dave Castro said that there is always an event where the winning athlete makes a statement, the 2019 clean event was Tia’s. Toomey stepped up to the 265lbs bar and lifted it with ease, defeating Barnhart and the rest of the field. The CrossFit world witnessed Tia’s statement workout and what would define her third CrossFit Games victory, becoming the only female athlete to be crowned the Fittest on Earth three consecutive times. 

Tia's now iconic roar that ripped through the CrossFit games stadium and personifies her dominances and self-believe.

Tia is now considered one of the most dominant CrossFit athletes of all time. But she has not always displayed the confidence and self-belief that we now see. In 2017, off the back of two consecutive runner-up positions in the two years prior, Tia flicked a switch in her mental game. Making a point of shunning her self doubt and believing that she not only had the ability to compete but to dominate the world stage. Tia has now become an unstoppable force who continues to push the boundaries of what is considered possible in the sport. She does so whilst championing the importance of self belief and mental resilience. You can only achieve something if you truly believe in yourself.

Tia's athletic background was in track, but she never thought her route would lead her to where she is now. The most decorated female crossfit athlete of all time.

Keep an eye on the WIT Launches page across the next few days to make sure you don't miss out on what NOBULL has been working on with Brooke, Katrin and Tia. You won't want to miss it.


The all New Nike Metcon 6 has just launched Worldwide at WIT Fitness. The Metcon 6 is the sixth generation of Nike's classic Metcon shoe, a shoe designed specifically for functional fitness training, engineered to perform weightlifting, gymnastic and aerobic conditioning movements. The Metcon is not only designed to withstand the most varied functional movements, but to help you perform at your best when carrying them out. In this article Team WIT breaks down everything that you need to know about the 6th generation of the Metcon range, highlight some key design changes between the 6 and the 5 before it, and work out whether the shoe is right for you and your training.

Read on... 

"The Metcon 6 may look pretty similar to the metcon 5 but there is a lot more to this new generation than initially meets the eye."


In the Metcon 6 we see a lot of key features that carry over from the Metcon 5 that are designed specifically to help you push your limits.

The heel counter, for instance, we see carryover exactly from the Metcon 5 designed to help you move smoothly up and down against the wall while carrying out handstand push ups. The high-raised wrap-around outsole also carries over exactly the same from the Metcon 5 with ropetech technology designed to help you withstand friction when rope climbing.

The 6 also has a dual density midsole, comprised of softer foam for comfort in the front part of the foot and firmer foam in the heel to aid stability when lifting. Like in the 5, the 6s also come with hyperlift inserts that can be placed underneath the midsole to raise the heel when certain workouts call for it, a great innovation that further cements the versatility of the Metcon range.

So there are some clear performance similarities between the 5 and the 6. But this was realistically what we were expecting to see. If we look back at Metcon iterations in the past, generally speaking, odd number developments have focused on design overhauls around the base of the shoe, whilst even number developments have focused on the upper of the shoe. So of course, the six is all about that upper.


The biggest innovation in the Metcon 6 is centred around breathability.

There's an old myth that you regulate your body temperature through your head when in fact studies have found that in performance it is regulated through your hands and your feet. So Nike have looked to roll out a range of developments across their training shoes to increase the breathability of their footwear, a development that we've already seen in the most recent Romaleos 4.

In the Metcon 6, we see this increased breathability in the new mesh upper, which runs throughout the front of the upper of the shoe. This mesh allows for 18% more airflow throughout the shoe when training. So what this means for you is that when your heart is racing mid-workout, your feet will be keeping cooler than ever before, allowing you to go for longer and push yourself harder. The new mesh also makes the 6 a much lighter weight shoe than its predecessor, so not only does it feel cooler, it also feels lighter on foot.

The upper mesh has also been designed to withstands wear in common areas of friction, through a sticky rubber which covers the toe box upper and lace eyelets. So whilst the 6 is more breathable, it is also designed to last. 




We spoke with Nike Metcon Club to get his thoughts on the all new cooler Metcon 6...

“I wasn’t sure you could feel breathability in a shoe so when they announced the main improvement from the 5 was 18% increased airflow, I was sceptical. That new upper and the reduced weight has given the shoe a new feel, making the shoe feel more nimble and roomier that its predecessor.”

The Metcon 6 is now live at WIT Worldwide and Nike have launched them with a bang in 4 new color-ways with sassy Cheetah and Camo print to choose from as well as classic Black, White and Silver options. You can get these for launch colorways exclusively at WIT now.

Froning and Fraser. Vote With Your Feet.

In sport there are greats, sports men and women that superseed the sport itself. Names that are synonymous with what it means to succeed in that discipline. Jordan in Basketball, Williams in Tennis, Ronaldo in Football, in male CrossFit those greats are Froning and Fraser, without question.

These sports men and women inspire fans around the world with their unrivalled dominance. It is no surprise that these greats have struck up some of the most famed and valuable sponsorship deals in the world. These collaborations influence design and culture simultaneously in the production of personalised product, be that Serena's tennis range or Nike's Air Jordans. 

When you don your idol's kit you embody their values and attitude, and look to emulate their greatness. Debates may rumble on about who is the greatest of all time in any given sport, but ultimately fans will express their idolisation in different ways. In CrossFit fans will vote with their feet.

Their shoe collections will say enough about their heroes. Whether they copped the most recent Froning Nano X or still have the Mat Metcon 5  stored fresh in it's box. Nothing summarises a CrossFitter better than having more shoes than they know what to do with, and having more than one idol to inspire you (and that shoe collection) means more greatness for everyone.  Froning and Fraser have created some of the most iconic and scarcely available shoes in the game. So we've put together a throwback to Froning and Fraser's shoe releases over the years. Whether you've copped them all, or have a clear favourite. We'll let you decide which is the greatest (shoe) of all time... 

Mat and Rich have produced some of the most beloved and rare shoes of all time. Did you manage to bag any of them?



We start back in 2015, when shortly after Nike’s entry into the CrossFit space with the Metcon 1, Reebok answered back with the Rich Froning Compete 6:14 the same day. The shoe was unveiled and launched simultaneously with Rich Froning's performance stamp of approval. The shoe featured all of Reebok’s top technology at the time of release—a Dupont Kevlar cage for durability, RopePro for control in climbs, a Nanoshell mid-sole heel wrap for stability. The Reebok CrossFit Compete 6:14 was a shoe designed for the hardest training athletes in the world and marked the beginning of a lucrative athlete branded designed and approved movement. The Froning shoe empire was born here. 

The Rich Froning Compete 6:14 



It was only a matter of time before Mat Fraser arrived at the sneaker party, and boy did he do it in style. The Nike athlete and dominant Fittest Man on Earth brought out his first PE shoe within the Nike Metcon 4 range. Mat's first PE Nike shoe was largely inspired by two of Mat Fraser's favourite things: weightlifting and motorcycles. The sleek black design has custom haptic printing on the upper, replicating a barbell's diamond knurling. The bull’s skull on the tongue patch is reminiscent of a motorcycle jacket patch, the lining is quilted like a motorcycle seat, the back of the shoe is leather and the heel clip and shoelace tips are gunmetal chrome – all nods to premium motorcycle detailing. The two circles on each heel represent the two first-place medals Fraser earned at the highest level of global competitive fitness, and nods toward his goal of a three-peat (he has since taken the title 4 times).

The letters “HWPO" are embedded in the sole of the shoe, representing Fraser's mantra of "hard work pays off", a subtle parallel to how this mantra is embedded in Mat's life.

The Nike Mat Fraser Metcon 4



A few years after the Compete Reebok launched the Reebok Froning 1 (RF1) and larger Froning Apparel Capsule Collection, further expanding the Rich Froning brand. It took a total of 3 years for Rich to develop the collection to a standard he was happy with, unsurprisingly Rich's competitive attention to detail was not limited to the competition floor, but also his design work.

Froning wanted the sole of the RF1 to be a little softer than a Nano so he could wear them all day long. 

“I wanted to make sure this is a shoe you could wear for everything, you didn’t need several pairs of shoes if you wanted to train, run, hit the ropes, whatever. And if you want to hang out or wear it out, it’s also good for that because it’s so comfortable. I’m always on my feet and this is a shoe you can stand around in for long periods of time.”

What was created was a CrossFit tested and Froning Approved training shoe with his own personal spin. One unique feature being that Froning wanted to be able to wear his signature shoes untied. Rich is know for training and even competing with untied laces. So on the RF1, the designers included a piece of elastic that enables the shoes to be slipped on while still leaving the foot firmly locked in during workouts.

The Reebok Froning 1



Next up was Fraser’s second PE in the Metcon 5 range, which built upon the sucess of his first Metcon 4 PE and cemented the 'Matcon's' cult status. The shoe was an immediate sell out, unavailable worldwide within minutes. Arguably the most anticipated and highly demanded shoe in the CrossFit space, if you managed to grab a pair of these you did darn well.

The darkness represents Fraser’s inward focus and meticulous dedication to his routine, while the lightness signifies him stepping into the spotlight for competition. The red racing stripe is a nod to the chase for first place as well as the shorts worn by the CrossFit Games leader. The three bullseyes on the medial heel and on the sockliner stand for the three consecutive first-place medals Fraser has earned at the CrossFit Games. His signature appears on the transparent outsole. The shoe comes in a box packed with tissue paper with the image of a bull’s skull (something Fraser uses to remind himself to strengthen his weaknesses) and again, the HWPO acronym runs throughout. 

The Mat Fraser Metcon 5



Last up is a drop fresh off the production line, The Froning Nano X. Designed in the Rich's favorite black and white colourway, with a gum sole combination, some of the key features on the Reebok Froning NANO X include:

  • A forefoot strap that keeps wearers secure and locked in – a technical update to the standard NANO X silhouette that also playfully pays homage to Froning’s reputation for rarely tying his shoes in the early days of his career 
  • An innovative three-string rope lacing system that provides added security while dually serving as nods to both Froning’s dominance on the rope as well as the three pillars he credits in guiding his life – faith, family and fitness
  • Strong stability provided by traction on sole that offers sure-footed feel for wide range of movements.

“Throughout my partnership with Reebok, I’ve loved working closely with their product and design team in our shared mission of creating the best fitness products in the world. For my training and lifestyle I need something that’s extremely durable and versatile; something that won’t hold me back.  When Reebok first let me try out the NANO X, I thought this was about as close to the perfect training shoe as you can get,” shared Froning.  “I’m so proud of all the work that went into this franchise, and this shoe in particular. It’s a special feeling when you see your feedback and vision come to life in something like this.”  

If you missed this drop you can still get the Froning Nano X in remaining sizes at WIT Worldwide right now.


So you can vote with your feet as to which drop is the greatest of all time. But one thing seems sure, they keep getting better with time. No one knows for sure what is next, but one thing is sure, when it lands you will find it on WIT launches. 


The F-LITE 270 was designed for those taking their first leap into fitness and training. Simplistic, easy and ready for that first session….

Protective, lightweight and ready for anything, the F-LITE 270 is the perfect shoe for those who want all-day protection paired with durability, support and comfort; whether you’re a new starter or adding to your training collection.

MIXING SIMPLICITY WITH DETAIL A simple-look design with comprehensive detail.


A super-durable, ballistic nylon upper protects against wear and ROPE-TEC technology in the outsole keeps the shoe protected from rope climb abrasion.


Designed with an internal, lightweight foam beneath the upper, the foot feels cushioned and protected at all times, whilst the mesh tongue enabled the foot to breath in comfort.


With an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, the F-LITE 270 provides you with the heel support you need for any functional movements. A heel panel also wraps around the back of the foot to enhance comfort and provide stability and support at all time.


A simple-look design with comprehensive detail. This shoe has everything you need to stay supported, protected and cushioned during any high-intensity functional workout.

The F-LITE 270 is the perfect shoe for the new starter, those who are taking that first step into their health and fitness journey.


The F-LITE 270 is the perfect shoe for the new starter, those who are taking that first step into their health and fitness journey. It has a range of protection and support features within the design, yet it keeps a very simplistic look. With an 8mm drop, it’s the perfect shoe to get you started in a range of functional movements.

Once you take the step from the F-LITE 270 into the rest of the range, you have some options.

The protective features and support are great are suitable for first timers and provide a solid base when learning new movements

The Verdict ? The INOV-8 F-Lite 270 is a shoe that is perfect for someone who wants to take the leap into joining a gym. The protective features and support are great are suitable for first timers and provide a solid base when learning new movements. 

The INOV-8 F-Lite 270 is now available on WIT Europe in multiple colour-ways. 


The Reebok Nano X launched globally in April of this year, but it has already undergone a facelift of sorts, you could say one of the greatest facelifts of all time...? Introducing the Froning Nano X. Rich Froning's ultimate birthday gift to Nano-heads and fitness fans around the world, his very own Nano X.

"When it comes to building the ultimate training shoe, you couldn't ask for a better partner than Rich" says Tal Short, Reebok Senior Product Manager. "Rich's detailed insights into what he needs to perform at his best, paired with his relentless wear-testing meant Reebok could get real-time feedback in a dream combination." The end result has not only created a shoe fit for World Class Athletes like Froning, but also for those at any and every stage of their fitness journey. 

We break down some of the main aesthetic and functional changes in the Froning Nano X, which you can now shop at WIT Worldwide, in this limited edition one time drop. 

"When it comes to building the ultimate training shoe, you couldn't ask for a better partner than Rich" - TAL SHORT, SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER AT REEBOK.

Designed in the Rich's favorite black and white colourway, with a gum sole combination, some of the key features on the Reebok Froning NANO X include:

A bootie construction for increased comfort whilst training. 

A forefoot strap that keeps wearers secure and locked in – a technical update to the standard NANO X silhouette that also playfully pays homage to Froning’s reputation for rarely tying his shoes in the early days of his career 

An innovative three-string rope lacing system that provides added security while dually serving as nods to both Froning’s dominance on the rope as well as the three pillars he credits in guiding his life – faith, family and fitness

Strong stability provided by traction on sole that offers sure-footed feel for wide range of movements

The Forefoot strap keeps wearers secure and locked in whilst also paying homage to rich's reputation in his early career for not tying his laces.


“Throughout my partnership with Reebok, I’ve loved working closely with their product and design team in our shared mission of creating the best fitness products in the world. For my training and lifestyle I need something that’s extremely durable and versatile; something that won’t hold me back.  When Reebok first let me try out the NANO X, I thought this was about as close to the perfect training shoe as you can get,” shared Froning.  “I’m so proud of all the work that went into this franchise, and this shoe in particular. It’s a special feeling when you see your feedback and vision come to life in something like this.” 


The Froning Nano X is one of the most anticipated shoes of the year. WIT will therefore be shutting down its site and only allowing access to those that have signed up to the Froning X Launch in order to prioritise access. Sign up to the worldwide launch and get your password now to make sure you can shop when the drop lands.  

The Hyrox Virtual Championship of Fitness: Everything you need to know

We are excited and proud to introduce our WIT community to the HYROX Virtual Championships of Fitness powered by WIT. 

The Hyrox Virtual Championship of Fitness is a global virtual fitness competition in which thousands of people can take part from their home/gym, wherever in the world that may be! The VCF will feature five workouts, over the course of three weeks. There will be two categories in which you can take part; bodyweight or equipment. This will enable all participants to complete regardless of lockdown regulations and/or access to equipment. The VCF will culminate with a live Grand Final on Sunday, July 26th, where the top four men and women from the equipment category will compete for the title of Virtual Champion of Fitness, and some epic prizes. 

Registration for the VCF is NOW LIVE and you can sign up via the link below. In a concerted effort to fight racism, violence, discrimination and disadvantage globally, fifty percent of the proceeds from The Virtual Championships of Fitness (VCF) will be donated directly to Laureus - Sport for Good foundation.

So sign up, challenge yourself, your friends, your community and help support change. You can get involved it the #WIT_Fitness league to compete alongside our fitness obsessed community.

Together we want to fight racism. 50% of all revenues will be donated to one of the most prestigious charities in the sports world - the LAUREUS sports for good foundation.


1ST Place - $3,000
2ND Place - $1,250
3RD Place - $750


Once signed up be sure to search and get involved in the #WIT_Fitness league to compete alongside your friends, community, and some familiar faces from WIT! 


The 10th generation of the Reebok Nano training shoe - the Reebok Nano X - launched globally in April of this year and instantly won the hearts (and feet) of fitness lovers around the world. The step-change aesthetic, coupled with the poignant nods to the Nano's legacy made it the must have shoe for home workouts around the world during lockdown. Two months after global launch, and as fitness lovers around the world start to make their way back to their gyms, fans have been calling out for more colour-ways of this already iconic shoe.

Nano-heads - REJOICE. Next Thursday the 25th of June an incredible 10 new Nano X colour-ways are dropping at WIT globally, including the much anticipated male and female take on the Black and Gum colour pallet (a colour combo which has been a must have collectors edition in every generation of the Nano to date).

Ahead of the eagerly awaited colour-way drop, we break down the tech specs and design cues of this must have shoe. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Nano X.

The Reebok Vector logo, which is more traditionally associated with the Reebok Classic Footwear lines, runs throughout the X's design, symbolising the meeting of lifestyle with fitness.

Run, jump, lift and repeat. The Nano X is the most versatile, flexible and runnable shoe yet. Let’s get technical.


Ultimate Stability 

The shoe features a minimal 4mm drop outsole, which provides sure footed feel. And the added heel support amplifies that ‘locked in’ feeling.


Elevated Tech 

All new engineered Stretch Flexweave technology weaves fibres into a figure-8 to create a strong, breathable and flexible upper. It’s more lightweight, breathable and durable than ever before. 


Enhanced Comfort

High-density foam collar construction dials up overall performance comfort, while the decoupled midsole provides a smoother stride and added cushioning.



The forefoot Metasplit grooves on the outsole, combined with increased flexibility in the upper, allows for greater flexion in the desired flex zones creating a better ride overall.

The Nano has evolved with the sport of fitness itself over the last 10 years. Now the design evolution continues with the meeting of lifetsyle design cues and classic reebok heritage.

The Men's Black/Gum and Women's Moonrock colourways (featured) are launching at WIT globally alongside 8 other new colour-ways at 8AM BST / 8AM ET on Thursday 25/06. Head to the WIT Launches page now to browse the styles and sign up for first access to ensure you do not miss out on launch day.

RX BAR | The Brand that called B.S on Protein Bars

Rewind to 2013. CrossFit’s taking off. People are going paleo. Clean Eating is all the rage...

Peter Rahal and Jared Smith couldn’t believe there wasn’t a more nutritious protein bar out there to fit this landscape. They decided to stop talking and try to make one themselves. They invested $10,000 and started manufacturing Rx Bars from their Mums' basement. Fast forward 5 years to 2018 and they sold Rx Bar to Kellogs for $600 million. We take a closer look at the the clean label protein bars that have boomed in the fitness industry, and how the brand achieved this all in just 5 short years. 

Rx's clean label approach - of telling you what is on the inside on the outside - took off.

The RXBAR Story Started in a Basement

No venture capitalists. No consultants. No office. Just best friends. Eager and broke. Upfront about it. Even today – RXBAR still have healthy ambitions, the usual insecurities, and all the other stuff that keeps them human. And this will never change. 

They make protein bars with no B.S., and they're real upfront about it. RXBAR gave us a rundown of how it all happened...

Like eating 3 egg whites, 2 dates, and 6 almonds. With no B.S.

It’s how they've always described our bars. What’s inside. What isn’t. They think it’s everything you need to know. Industry experts thought it would be a big mistake when they took this approach with their packaging - 'Logo wasn't clear'. 'No appetite appeal'.

They're not designers, but they held their breath and did it. And they never looked back.

Available in over 14 different flavours worldwide, rx are now available on the high street and stocked at wit.

With over 14 different flavours available worldwide, RXBAR have gone from success to success by sticking to 3 fundamental principles...


RXBAR believe in using real ingredients. Their bars are made from ingredients you might find in your kitchen or pantry.  


RXBAR see their products as a whole food option for anywhere or any time. They are created from real, clean ingredients. 


Clean means that RXBARs are made with as few ingredients as possible. These ingredients are derived from real foods. RXBAR strive for minimally processed ingredients and nothing artificial added.

5 Weight vest WODs to try at home | With Jamie & Elliot Simmonds

Strap in, weight vest workouts are not to be underestimated! Whether you're looking to progress your bodyweight training from home, or have decided its time to complete Murph RX, weight vests are a great addition to your training kit. Ahead of weighted vests dropping at WIT next week, Team WIT and CrossFit Games athletes Elliot and Jamie Simmonds have selected their top five WODs perfect for strapping into your weight vest from home.

Check out their WOD selection below, and their reason's why weight vest training is so beneficial. Don't forget to sign up to be notified when the weight vest drop lands at WIT next week so that you can vest up and train hard. 

wod 1 is a workout from the 2017 crossfit regionals. Elliot and jamie both ended up winning this workout in the meridian region. Complete the buy in run and then work through the 12 rounds. Scale appropriately.


Weight vests provide a great tool for variation that our bodies aren’t prepared for. Weighted vests can help in developing strength, endurance and cardio by increasing your body weight. Adding mass can influence the ways your muscles stress and strain during workouts. By adding it, more force is exerted which, in turn leads to faster energy depletion. Both experiences can also affect your breathing pattern and how much oxygen you take in as you train.

As well as making your muscles stronger, wearing a weighted vest when running will increase the load transmitted through your bones. The extra loading can result in increased bone mass by stimulating cells called osteoblasts to lay down new bone material in response to the demands being placed on your skeleton. To simplify, bones become stronger and denser to handle the extra weight.

don't be fooled by the simplicity of either of these wods. simplicity is powerful when it comes to weight vest training.

weight vests can be used in almost every functional fitness movement. Adding a weight vest into your train will help build extra strength and endurance on top of your normal training.

If you've completed the list, or just looking for some extra motivation, give Jamie and Elliot a follow on Instragram to see what it takes to train and compete at CrossFit Games level!

give Jamie and Elliot a follow on Instragram to see what it takes to train and compete at CrossFit Games level


Editor's Note - Interview Dated 02/06/20

Kara Saunders is no stranger to a challenge. The 7x CrossFit Games veteran, has long been juggling the running of her affiliate CrossFit Kova alongside competing as a full time athlete. But last year Kara started a family, welcoming her daughter Scotti with her husband Matt. Since then, Kara has gone on to wage an incomprehensibly impressive postpartum comeback, qualifying for the 2020 CrossFit Games via the worldwide open just 5 months after giving birth, and also taking the top spot at the Australian CrossFit Championship earlier this year.

As if being a super-mum was not enough, Kara has also been hard at work building her new business Activ Eyewear (performance sunglasses designed for functional athletes which are due to launch in full in the next few months). We caught up with Kara to get an insight into her new business, her upcoming plans for competing and her new life as a Mum.

"I get paid to train. But it's even hard for me to drag myself out to the backyard sometimes. But you have to just keep showing up. I've never felt worse after training, i've always felt better. You have to remember that"


The most important thing to always come back to is just the concept that everybody is in the same boat at the moment. It is a pandemic, it is global. There's nobody who is unaffected. You're not the only one who lacks motivation or who is struggling with being at home all the time or not being able to socialise. Everyone is human and everyone struggles the same. I know for me, that gives me some peace of mind.

Also just showing up is half the battle. I love training. I'm motivated to train - it's literally my job. I get paid to train, so I need to do that. But, it's even hard for me to drag myself out to the backyard sometimes. But as long as I just keep showing up, there hasn't been a single time where I've done it and felt worse. I've always felt better. You just have to remember that.


Yes, I'm definitely trying to! At the moment our borders are closed but there are some exemptions so you can apply to leave for certain jobs. So my manager's looking into that for me at the moment, everyone seems to be fairly confident that when the time comes, I will be fine to leave the country. There are a few details that I have to confirm. And one of my major concerns is obviously what happens when I get to the US because I have to bring my child. That changes everything. I'm going to do everything in my power to be there - so long as it's safe to do so.

"I'll be taking part in the Rogue Invitational online. I've been excited to do it for so long as I missed out in 2019."


I will, yes. It's going to be a little tricky for me because of the time difference so I was in two minds about doing it. But I've been so excited to do the Rogue Invitational for so long because I missed out in 2019. It's such a stacked field - it's all the greats competing, and I just love the idea of having all those people I've competed against before at one comp.

Originally we had planned to go and stay with Dan Bailey prior to Rogue in Ohio on his farm, and take Scotti as he's one of her godfathers. So that would've been super cool. But hopefully there'll be another opportunity for that. 


Yeah, everything has changed. A lot of it's the same - like how I train. But when I train is all different, it's always up in the air every day! Someone said to me recently, "I don't know how you do it and how you get those workouts done?" and the answer is that I have to stop a lot. Like, a lot! I'll be in the middle of a Metcon and then I'll have to stop, and that's just how it goes. Then I just try and rush back to what I'm doing. I just can't be precious about it.

Physically you just have to do all of the rehab and recovery exercises and then slowly go back into training and trying to get fit again. That's hard and feels terrible! Then there's the sleep deprivation in the early days which is tough. Now it's so different, she's walking, running, crawling, jumping, hurting herself all the time, just looking for trouble the whole time when I'm training. I'm lucky my husband Matt is at home a lot, so it would be a lot worse and take me a lot longer if I didn't have him to help share that load.

"A lot of it's the same - like how I train. But when I train is all different, it's always up in the air, every day!"


Most athletes tend to transition from the sport into programming or coaching but I guess I'm not like everyone else. I've always been excited by the potential of different business opportunities and I've had some good relationships with people who do better in that space than I do, and that have helped teach me along the way. One of them being Dan, my business partner at Activ. I'm super realistic in that I know I can't be a sponsored athlete for my entire life. I love what I do and it's amazing and I'm obviously still going to compete for a while but I'm looking long term and I wanted to start a business alongside my gym.

I wanted to do something that's super cool, big scale and different to what I've done before. But I also wanted to do something that aligns with everything I love, and that's health, fitness and an active lifestyle. So we found this need for sunglasses that perform - that actually stay on your face and also provide the lens quality you need. Considering all of the crazy things that we do in functional fitness, like handstand walking, GHD sit ups and muscle ups, and how fun it is to do all those things outside. You need sunglasses that can see you through those movements, and not fall off!

"The Compromise that I wasn't willing to make was the style , I still want to look cool!"

But the compromise that I wasn't willing to make was the style. I'm a chick and if I'm out on the Games floor doing a lift on camera, I still want to look cool! From all those things grew the concept of Activ Eyewear. Now it's branched out to be more than just that. We also have our lifestyle range of really cool products. We've got our blue light blocker glasses which then contribute to that active lifestyle, better sleep, better day. We've got a whole heap of other things that we'll branch off into as the business grows.

You can sign up now to the upcoming Launch of Activ Eyewear to be the first to hear when it drops!


Scott Panchik, aka Mr Consistency, has been at the pinacle of CrossFit for almost a decade. The 8 times Individual Games Athlete has only finished outside the top 10 once, narrowly missing out on the Podium 3 times. He is a veteran within the sport, renowned for his mental resilience, calm exterior and unrivalled consistency. Champion of the stacked 2015 and '16 Central Regionals, Scott has grown with the Sport and lived through it's evolving landscape.

Last year Scott joined forces with 4 times Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning, on the defending Fittest Team on Earth -  Mayhem Freedom. Bringing his experience and consistency to an already formidable line up, Freedom are now THE team to beat, having already lived up to the high expectations with an impressive win at CrossFit Strength in Depth 2020.

Last year Scott also joined forces with another CrossFit OG - INOV-8, joining their athlete team as their most decorated and accomplished individual athlete, after a long period with Reebok. Scott explained that "INOV-8 was my first pair of CrossFit shoes when I started years ago. I am excited to represent them on the competition floor."

We caught up with Scott to find out all about his team switch, his favorite memories in the Sport, and what it is like to train and compete with Mayhem.

Inov-8 was my first pair of CrossFit shoes when I started years ago"


I'm training for life, training to be a dad and just to be the fittest I can possibly be. That's always been a goal of mine. I love working out, I love exercising, everyday we go in the gym and we preach to people about becoming a better version of themselves and I want to always be able to walk that walk. Continuing to train during the quarantine and the pandemic and everything that was going on was important for me. I knew that struggles that I'd be going through during that time, such as training on my own would be very similar to the same things that the members in my gym would be going through. It gave me insight into what what they were thinking, what they were going through. It guided me in a direction to be able to to share motivation to help them through that tough time.


I'm very blessed. My father in law, came over about a year ago and we cut a hole in the ceiling and then a guy from Best Industries, a neighbouring business, actually came in and built me a rig in my garage that I was able to hang a rope and rings from. I have a rack & a pull up bar. So I was very fortunate to have all those things to basically do all my training from the garage when it happened. So there wasn't a lot of change in the sense of what I was capable of doing and what I had access to, I was just by myself a little bit more than normal, so that was a little different. I have a training partner, her name's Fee Saghafi who went to the games last year. Her and I typically train together so training alone was a little different. Now my wife jumps in and her and I work out together. She's pregnant right now & it's a great dynamic - we scale and modify workouts so that we can start and finish together.


"I'm training for life, training to be a dad and just to be the fittest I can possibly be."


It starts with doing one thing and then it will lead to a lot of other great things. It could be setting your alarm clock. A lot of our members said that they struggled with building into a new routine. I urged a lot to still set a time that they plan to wake up and workout. We have some student members, so I urged them to set a time to study. If you have a job, set your time of work and you need to build yourself into this new routine and you need to make sure that you're eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you can build yourself into a good routine, it's easier to be successful in following that routine. One good thing leads to another, for example I know the days that I work out, I eat so much better but if I take a day off, I might have some pancakes in the morning, pizza for dinner and then all of a sudden it just start spiralling out of control!


Yes, so Mayhem Madness is an event that Rich Froning is going to be putting on out in Cookeville. It's an opportunity for the teams that qualified for the CrossFit Games to come together and showcase their fitness and everything that they've worked hard for on the year to come out and throw down against one another. They're going to run a qualifier and bring in a total of 12 teams. It will be an elimination style competition. Throughout the weekend they'll make some cuts until you're down to your final two teams. I'm excited, it's going to be a great opportunity to showcase all the things that we've worked so hard for. I'm pumped!



It's made me a better athlete. I'm better than I was last year. Part of me inside would have just loved to throw my hat in the ring and see how much better I got. I've always programmed for myself and I've accomplished a lot doing that but each year I come back and I would change, one or two little things because I was so close to getting on the podium so I didn't want to change too much. It's made better each year and I've evolved each year.

But working with Rich has been amazing because there are not a lot of athletes that I would trust to hand over the reins to, and follow their programming. He's got a great team out there with him and Tasia. They usually run through a lot the workouts and I usually stay about a week behind with Chyna, and her and I will then do a lot of those workouts, or if needed I will slightly modify to work on something that's specific to me. Doing someone else's programming has made me better. I'm not writing workouts for myself every day, I was always good at writing things that I didn't feel were in my wheelhouse. But programming for yourself gets hard, honestly. Mentally, writing workouts for yourself and you're just like constantly trying to just beat yourself down - it can be really wearing on you mentally and physically. Having someone else doing it and be responsible is nice. It's definitely a team effort and we bounce ideas off of each other. I'm actually heading out there next week to get some team training in.

"Transitioning to team has made me a better athlete, im better than i was last year.."


I created a lot of really great memories at the regionals. I got to compete with my brothers, which was incredible. I look back at like the athletes - Dan Bailey, Rich Froning, Graham Holmberg, Nick Urankar -  I can make a whole list of the top guys and it always felt like The Games. It always felt like I was showing up and that this was it! It was almost like there was more pressure at Regionals than the Games itself, because once you're at the games, you can take chances as you're already at the big show. But at . Regionals itself, in any given event someone different could win it and shake up the leaderboard and you would go from sitting in a qualifying spot, right down to the danger zone. I think that was really nerve racking but exciting at the same time.

With the Sanctionals however, it has given me the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. I've gotten outside of our country, I've met a lot of really great athletes. The tests have also been a little different, which I like. They've been a little more Games like. They were able to incorporate some swimming, some actual running outside, and events that maybe simulate the Games a little more than Regionals. So I think they both have their place. If I had to pick one, I think I do like the Sanctional format because it's not putting all the weight on one weekend and you can continue to go out and if you are one of the best teams, you have the opportunity to continue competing until you qualify or you don't qualify. It's simple. In Regionals, there were Regions that were very, very strong and packed with incredible athletes. If there was the Sanctional format back in 2012 or 13, I think you may have seen some non-qualifying athletes from the Central East or Central region at the CrossFit Games because they were just beasts and would have qualified with the increased opportunities. There was one year were there were five of us from the Central East region that went to the Games, and finished in the top 10.



Man - that's that's a really good question. There was a moment when I was competing at the last regional in 2018. I was with both my brothers and we were doing this Chipper. I remember that I was hurting so bad, and I remember looking over to my right and seeing both my brother's also hurting just as bad as. It wasn't even a pleasant memory but I just remember being really proud and blessed to be in that moment and to be able to share it with them. I trained with those guys all the way through since we opened our gym CrossFit Mentality in 2013, and I've got to watch them progress.

Then there was the Clean Ladder event last year at the Games. The energy in the stadium, I've never experienced anything like that in my entire life. Ever. I don't think I will ever beat that. The spotlight was on you, it feels like it was just yesterday. I remember how hard my heart was beating, I had the shakes, but they were like the strong shakes - almost like you were in a street brawl. You're shaking because you can just feel the energy inside you and around you. Going back and forth with Mat Fraser on those clean's was incredible. That was a really, really great way to cap off that year at the Games.



They're actually sending judges out, he's going to be competing at his gym, and Fee Saghafi is competing at my gym. I'm going to be in Cookeville training with the team that weekend. So I'll be sending wishes to both of those guys and I'm ready to see how they do.

Follow Scott's team journey as he navigates the new landscape of competition with Mayhem, continues his work with INOV8 and looks forward to becoming a Dad.

10 Skipping workouts to try at home | With Jamie & Elliot Simmonds

Have you unlocked your double unders during lockdown? Well now it's time to test them under fatigue in the best skipping WODs. CrossFit Games athletes Elliot and Jamie Simmonds have personally selected their top ten WODs perfect for putting your skipping to the test, and they've also put together their top tips to help you master the rope.

Give these a try...


These are 2 benchmark crossfit workouts. scale to single unders/jumping taps if needed and just double the reps! Be ready to sweat, but Annie is a sprint so go all out!

Jamie and Elliot's Tips For Linking Your Double-Unders...

- The Correct Rope Length. A good way to check this is to check the static length compared to your height. Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot and pull up the handle to your torso, for beginners your handles should be no higher than chest height. As you progress you should shorten your rope to sternum height or lower. 

- Stay Relaxed. The more you relax, the easier these will become. Remember to breathe. Your hands should be low and in-front slightly. Keep your legs straight, don’t tuck your knees and practice 3-4 times per week if you’re not consistent yet.

-Single, Single, Double. This is a great way to start to progress to double unders, mix in a double under after every few singles before attempting to string together multiple reps of dubs. Try one double every five single-unders to start and then minus a single under as you become proficient with every number. 

- Be patient. Double-unders are a neurological skill. The more you practice, the faster movement patterns get engrained. Quality beats quantity with learning this skill so be as patient as you can.

if you don't have a barbell or dummbell, you can swap these for jack knives which is a leg in and out burpee (without your chest touching the floor).

make sure your calves and core are warm for these two workouts. be ready to get your gymnastics on!

Replacing Your Cable...

If you are skipping at home on a patio or a concrete floor your rope's cable will gradually fray or break as the concrete offers no shock absorption during the contact with the rope. But don't worry this is not the end of your rope, you can simply purchase a new cable and swap this out to upgrade your rope to good as new.


get ready to push in these two, both of these workouts are designed for you to go all out and fast. Remember to breathe during those double unders!

dork is dedicated to Boston firefighter Michael Kennedy who died serving with the Boston Fire Department, and was also a Marine Corps sergeant who served a tour in Iraq before that. he had a big presence in the CrossFit community, coaching and training at several affiliates.

If you've completed the list, or just looking for some extra motivation, give Jamie and Elliot a follow on Instragram to see what it takes to train and compete at CrossFit Games level!


Known for his toughness and physical presence, it is no surprise that Courtney is one of the most respected names in rugby. With 218 caps for the Northampton Saints, 80 caps for England and a British and Irish Lion, Courtney Lawes is the real deal when it comes to being at the top of the game. 

We caught up with Courtney to discuss his training, nutrition and lifestyle, both in and out of lockdown. Plus we find out his opinions on CrossFit, and what sort of fitness tests he reckons he would dominate the rest of the Saints at. Read on to find out...

218 caps for Northampton Saints, 80 caps for england and a british and irish lion


Not really consistently. I've got four kids so most of the time I'm spending the day looking after them. Then I'll try to get training sessions in at least four times a week. I've been doing a lot of weight training up until now but this last couple of weeks I've started getting back into running. I’ve built a makeshift gym. It's not ideal but it's enough to allow me to continue to train. Saints have been sending me through weekly programming which has helped massively. I've just been doing as much as I can.

"Some people have to continue to lift more than others in training, but usually we train 3 times per week."


It's very different between Saints and England in terms of the days off and so forth. A Saints week (if you played on a Saturday) would mean that Monday will be a light day with minimal contact. We will have a few meetings, debriefing the game that took place on the weekend prior, and then a preview into the upcoming week and the next game. Tuesday is a more full on day. We'll do a decent training session, looking at the next game on Saturday whilst working out any kinks from the weekend, we'll also do an upper body training session to end the day. We get a day off on Wednesday as Thursday is a more intense day, with a lot of running and conditioning sessions with some contact but not full on contact. It's quite a short session and then on Friday it's the final team run through and preparations for the next game on Saturday.


I suppose it depends who you are. Some people have got to continue to lift more than others. There is time to do extra weights if you have the energy and you're not too sore from the weekend. A lot of the time you probably only get three sessions in per week, an upper, lower and power session which is usually enough to keep the body topped up and in shape.

"If you're not spot on with your nutrition, you won't be ready on game day."


Definitely. It's very much an individual thing in terms of how much focus players put into it. I know some players that don't pay any attention to nutrition and that's fine and there's some that are super focused on it. If they're not spot on with their nutrition then they won't be ready come game day. It's individual in the way of, bigger players such as props and forwards don't feel good going into a game unless they're the right weight or size. It's very important to get the balance right. I have to eat a lot and get a lot calories in, otherwise I lose weight. I have to be disciplined with getting a lot of food in. I'd never eat pre-made processed food from the shop. Everything I eat is fresh, freshly made. As long as everything is fresh then I'll be happy with it. Before a game I'm not super strict, but it would generally be some kind of pasta with not too much flavour as you don't want it repeating on you! If I'm in camp with England due to the intensity and more conditioning that takes place I have a lot more shakes, before bed time and a few throughout the day.



Yeah I love it! Well I love watching it. I’ve not tried it myself, it seems crazy! Dylan Hartley is big into it now that he has retired but I'm not about that life when I retire. I would much rather do something like boxing, sparring and jiu jitsu, but I love watching it and following it as a sport. 

"What would I beat everyone at Saints at? Probably a fight!"


Everyone at the Saints...probably a fight! Fitness related, I'd probably say no, I'm pretty well rounded in terms of fitness, but I wouldn't say that I'm the best at anything. Mat Fraser is pretty good at everything though so I'll take the all round award! In regards to fitness, Dan Biggar is probably the fittest, although it’s easier to be fit when you weigh 85kg whereas I’m around 118kg!


It really depends on what point in the season we are in or if I have picked up any niggles. My back squat is roughly 210kg and my bench press max is about 150kg. I’m nowhere near the strongest though, I’m not really made for it being 6ft 6”.

Follow Courtney on Instagram to keep up with his at home training during lockdown, his life at home with his 4 kids, and the pending return of the season post lockdown. 


In the last year alone NOBULL have added two of the Fittest Women on Earth, Tia-Clair Toomey and Katrin Davidsdottir to their roster, launched a film festival dedicated to the sport of Fitness and increased their bricks and mortar footprint to a total of 3 stores. But NOBULL are exactly that…no bull. Their core business remains the creation of footwear and apparel for people who train hard and don’t believe in excuses. Founded in just 2015, the brand has grown at a phenomenal pace and now dominates the CrossFit space, is expanding beyond it, and has created a cult brand worshipped by its consumers in the process.

We caught up with Todd Meleney, Vice President of Marketing for NOBULL, to find out the secrets behind the horns of one of the coolest projects in fitness.

"The Product Has To Stand Out On Its Own But The Story Line Is What Really Helps to Tie The Consumer in emotionally."

NOBULL has a way of telling incredible and engaging stories around the brand and your products, how do the NOBULL stories start?

A lot of our stories start from deeply and thoroughly understanding what the relevant topics are that our customer are engaging with - not only in the gym, but outside of their gym life too. What are the current events and TV shows that are popular? What is the type of sense of humour that they have? What is inspiring, motivating and interesting to them? That is what we can then use to help shape the way we think about engaging with them.

The product needs to stand on its own no matter what and people need to love the product with or without a great content story line. But the storyline is what helps really tie the consumer in emotionally for us. Some examples that come to mind of this working really well are the Floral Shop Campaign that we did with Jared Stevens, and we also used that formula with Brooke's Coffee Roasters, these themes were so strong and relevant to our consumer that they could stand on their own.

"The idea was to create a fake floral shop, and create a spoof around Jared, this behemoth man cutting and trimming flowers in this little studio."

Let’s talk about the Floral Shop campaign, how did that come to life?

So with the Floral Shop, we had already had a successful floral collection launch the previous years in both 2016 and 2017, where we had come out with floral patterned shoes. But we were constantly looking for ways to challenge the way we produce content, tell stories and launch product so that the consumer doesn't get bored of the rinse and repeat, very frequent product launches. Product launches are such a big part of our brand culture and our identity so it was important to get our consumer thinking about product without us just talking and telling them about the product. With the Floral Shop in 2018, that really came out of knowing the personalities of our athletes really well and what can we create to help illuminate the athlete as well as surprise, delight and entertain both the customer that is already a fan of the athlete, but also the customer that may not necessarily know them yet too. The idea was to create a fake floral shop that has a feel of The Office, the TV show, and create a spoof around Jared, this behemoth man cutting and trimming flowers in this little studio that we created.

"What we tried to do was take the personality that you see on social and just enhance it. We brought the real characters in her life into it as we knew that would make it believable."

You only have to read some of the customer comments on your Instagram posts to see the power of your brand, why do you think your consumer is so invested in NOBULL?

To me the most powerful and effective form of marketing is word of mouth. If someone I know tells me to go to this restaurant, I'm a hundred times more likely to go to that restaurant than if I just see it on the internet. If somebody tells me this story about a floral shop or a floral collection and was like, 'hey, did you see that new collection that Brooke launched or the coffee shop?’, all of a sudden they're talking about things that are orbiting the NOBULL brand and they are helping stimulate and do the work for us. If we have to push the product on them, then it won't work, and you won't be able to do that long term. And we identified that pretty early on, that we wanted to create an environment where our customers were talking about our products without us having to kind of be involved in that. With Jared’s Floral Shop, that concept was something that I brought to NOBULL Founders Marcus and Michael, as I thought it really could work even though it was way outside of the box. The shop set cost around $500 to make, Jared had no idea what we were doing. We rented out this little empty space five minutes from my house. I went picked up Jared from the airport, then pulled up in front of this storefront that was fully branded ‘Jared's Floral Shop' with 'made to flourish' and 'leaf an impression' and all of these different things. It was fully merchandised with $300 worth of fake flowers that I bought at the art store. We had no clue how it was going to go, but we knew that the only chance of success was if we went one hundred percent into the story. So we rolled out the Floral Shop. People thought it was real. The collection exploded. It was like one of our most successful product launches ever at the time. Then the next month I went to the Central Regional to watch Jared and Brooke and Sam and everybody compete, I was standing with Jared and just one after another people were coming up and asking him about his new business and congratulating him, everyone thought it was real! It was then I thought to myself that we've got a concept here and we need to run with this.

And so we went on and did it with Brooke and brought her sister Sydney her best friend Aspen in on it too. We brought the real characters in her life into it as we knew that would make it believable. What we tried to do was take the personality that you see on social and just enhance it and make it even more real for them with just higher production quality. So with Brooke, we found a place in Brooklyn and created Brooke's Coffee Roasters. We didn't talk about product at all. The only thing we did was at the very end of the video we slow panned over a couple of shoes with some coffee beans on the ground and it said Brooke's Coffee Roaster Collection. The shoes were called the latte and espresso knit runner. At the time, analytically, these things were viral, off the charts!

"For the 1st Art Work Collection, we came over to London and turned WIT into an art gallery . We didn't want to come in and do something that was expected."

Tell us a bit about the latest Art Work collection and how that is itself a franchise within the NOBULL brand?

There are key franchises for the brand that have developed into core pillars that we plan into the year, the Art Work is one of these. We did this for the first time back in 2018 where we launched the Art Work collection in London, at WIT House Ldn in St Pauls. Art Work brings in the creativity from a design perspective that the brand has as well. It brings in an artistic flair. When you see those designs, they're very spontaneous, gritty and cool, but also artistic and sophisticated that starts to speak a different part of who we are as a brand and what we stand for and what we believe in. In both cases, the Art Work launches have been huge community activations. The first time we created the product with the athletes and created content for it but the way we launched it, we came over to London and turned WIT into an art gallery. That was during the same month that two other major brands had huge product launches where they also brought their athlete assets into the WIT space, it was almost sequential three weeks in a row where each big brand had a huge campaign that they came to London and activated. So we didn't want to come in and do something that was expected because by then, after a month of these events, the consumer is going to get bored of it. So we thought of taking the original art Work that these athletes created and make an art gallery out of a gym. We had a full silent auction, launched online and overnight raised fifty thousand dollars for non-profit, which was donated. The product launch was incredible! We launched it at 5AM in London while the Boston team were online handling everything digitally and we made an incredible weekend out of it that the community still remembers it, we still talk about it and celebrate it so we wanted to revisit it a couple of years later.

This is where the second Art Work collection has come to life. We took one of our physical locations in Wynwood, Miami, which has that art culture and brought our community in using Kent Youngstrom, who created the whole paint with equipment concept and painted the whole outside of our Wynwood store and it just came out absolutely epic. We took that into a collection of footwear and apparel that looks like the Miami vibe from our store that can now bring home with the product.

With the 2nd Art Work Collection we took one of our physical locations in Wynwood, Miami, which has that art culture and brought our community in and it just came out absolutely epic.

The 2nd 6-piece NOBULL Art Work Collection in launching at WIT Europe at 5AM BST on the 29/05. Two of the iconic shoes will also be launching on WIT USA at midnight ET on 29/05. You can sign up for first access to the limited drops now on the WIT launches page to ensure you get a pair from this iconic NOBULL launch. Do not miss out.

10 Benchmark and Hero WODs to try in Lockdown | With Jamie & Elliot Simmonds

Perhaps you've just taken on MURPH and are feeling inspired to tackle another hero WOD? Or maybe you're looking to test yourself across a few benchmark WODs at home? We've got you covered.

We caught up with CrossFit Games athletes Jamie and Elliot Simmonds, to help select 10 hero and benchmark WODs for you to tackle in lockdown. With a variation of long chippers, short sprints, advanced movements and bodyweight burners, there's a workout to suit you, guaranteed to push you, and with absolutely no equipment required.

Give these a try...



SHAWN and chad are both tribute wods to fallen US servicemen. Shawn is an interval wod, whilst Chad is just one movement for 1,000 reps, but it is not to be underestimated.



If you've completed the list, or just looking for some extra motivation, give Jamie and Elliot a follow on Instragram to see what it takes to train and compete at CrossFit Games level!



German born HYROX are changing the competitive fitness events scene. Their events attract 10 million gym members globally and counting. Competitors around the world, all compete in the same race, on the same course. A HYROX event hosts up to 3,000 participants per day, with fitness enthusiasts leaving their best efforts on the floors of arenas all over the globe, in a given season. 

Needless to say, the Hyrox community have had to navigate an uncertain landscape over the last few months, with all events on hold due to Covid-19. However competitors have been getting behind HYROX's  #NeverStopCompeting campaign from home. HYROX have now enhanced their #NeverStopCompeting movement in a way that allows them to spread this message, taking this idea into other aspects of people's lives, not just their fitness journeys!

Lauren Kiedinger, the Director of Sports Marketing at HYROX, explains how this will help the HYROX community from home, and how HYROX plans to make this an ongoing message to their community. Read on for the details...

Lauren, in such an unpredictable time, HYROX has been able to put together this motivational campaign, #NeverStopCompeting, how did this get started? 

In a time where there is so much attention on the negative, we really wanted to bring the attention back to one of the things we care about the most, and that’s the spirit of these athletes. HYROX would be nothing without them, so we wanted to show our appreciation, while encouraging everyone to keep fighting the good fight. 

Other than COVID-19 being a component of the campaign, were there any other inspirations behind this idea?

Absolutely. I think the idea behind this campaign was born before any of us really even knew it. I remember back in December at our first New York event, we were all standing there encouraging the last finisher at Wall Balls, and I had tears in my eyes. It sounds weird, but that feeling of a supportive community and emotion that comes with watching someone persevere is so powerful. It has to be celebrated. We’re lucky to be able to experience this at every single event.


I love stories like that, and they seem to be frequently told about HYROX events! It’s such a great community so I’m sure you haven’t been surprised with the reception that HYROX has received with #NeverStopCompeting?

Not at all. I’ve been counting down the days to officially share this video! It’s a perfect representation of how we actually feel when we’re standing there in those final moments. People like to feel good. They like to fight for something, be recognized for it, and share it with others. It’s in our nature. 

The first round of the HYROX Home Series was great and even had a live Grand Final with the top 3 competitors from the men’s and women’s divisions from around the world. How has HYROX revamped this program to make it even better this time around?

Simply put, we listened to you. After our first Home Series, we sent a survey to a mass of participants and there were some common requests and suggestions, which we’ll be applying to this upcoming Home Series. 


How do you think HYROX will continue #NeverStopCompeting down the road when things are back to normal, not only in the fitness industry, but around the world?

#NeverStopCompeting is, in the end, a message of resilience, and it’s more relevant now than ever. Hopefully our message encourages people to keep working towards their goals and enjoy that journey, whether it’s preparing for a HYROX event, or advocating for a cause you believe in. 


When times get tough, it’s the community around you that inspires you to push through and come out better on the other side. HYROX’s #NeverStopCompeting campaign is one that will be carried with their community through their different obstacles in life. The message is simple; never give up, and never lose sight of things that you have set your mind to! 

Feeling inspired to #NeverStopCompeting ?  You can now visit the HYROX shop, exclusively at WIT.



Episode 4 is LIVE!

We enter the 4th and final day of the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival, and we catch up with elite teams TEAM WIT & JST COMPETE | WIT ahead of their final 2 events. The elite teams and individuals take on 'Down Up' in the Miami sunshine - the Burpee and Deadlift descending/ascending ladder workout. The Buttery bros hang out with fans and we award a special prize at the WIT stand. Then the elite divisions jump feet first into the final event 'Celebrate Life', and the winners are crowned and Games tickets awarded at the podium ceremony.

Everything you Need to Know About the Under Armour Tribase Reign 2

At the 2019 CrossFit Games, James Newbury (the 4 x Fittest Man in Australia and 4 X CrossFit Games Athlete) stepped out onto the competition floor in a shoe that caught everyone's eye. This was the first year that athletes had been allowed to wear the footwear of their choice. As expected we saw the latest colour-ways of Nanos, Metcons and Nobulls, but it was the first time anyone had seen what was to become the Under Armour Tribase Reign 2 on James' feet. James went on to finish 5th at the Games in 2019, putting the shoe through its paces in some of the most gruelling and varied workouts imaginable, including an unforgettable performance and first place finish in the Ringer event 1.

The Tribase Reign 2 On the Foot of James newbury at the 2019 crossfit games, as he climbed into the top 10 and was titled the 5th fittest on earth.

Months later and the anticipated shoe finally launched worldwide, and we were able to get our hands upon the 2nd generation of the Tribase Reign. The original Reign 1 was launched by Under Armour a year prior, it was a balanced training shoe designed to ensure stability, even in the most dynamic and versatile of movements. With the Reign 2, Under Armour have made a series of developments that not only enable the shoe to evolve with the sport but also develop the shoe into a more mature, focused performer with the technology to support your every movement. Read on to find out what the Tribase Reign 2 can do for you and your training...

Functional fitness encompasses lifting, jumping, and lateral movements. Which means most athletes need stability AND flexibility.


As a shoe the Tribase Reign is essentially trying to answer one major problem in functional training shoe, and that is that functional fitness needs more stability. Our feet are our foundation. They’re designed for propulsion and weight bearing, which demands a lot of stability. Going back to physics class, we know for every downward force, there must be an equal upward force. Without a base of support and close ground contact, our heel and midfoot can’t drive into the floor and create that sense of equilibrium.

The Tribase Reign answers this problem by bringing together grip & flex. Functional fitness encompasses lifting, jumping, and lateral movements. Which means most athletes need stability AND flexibility.

You can visibly see the 3 points of stability in the triangular shape on the bottom of the outer sole. It is this feature that inspired the Tribase name. 

To get that combination, UA started the design process with the people at the heart of the sport - CrossFit Games veterans James Newbury and Marquan Jones - to create a shoe that delivers maximum ground control whilst ensuring versatility, stability, power and comfort.


TriBase technology maximizes ground control with three zones of flexibility to allow your foot to move naturally but with the ultimate stability for intense training. You can visibly see these 3 points of stability in the triangular base on the bottom of the outer sole, as seen in image above. It is this feature that inspired the Tribase name. 


Ground control is maximised in the Tribase with the lowest heel to toe drop on the market of just 2mm. This reasonably flat sole gives the Tribase a stable feel and progressive ground to movement power transfer. This is combined this with MicroG cushioning within the midsole which supplies responsive cushioning & shock absorption to cushion your movements. 


The engineered zonal flex & traction in the forefoot allow greater mobility in short runs, & greater grip to the ground during tough planks, sled pushes, & split jerks.


A higher heel collar offers a more locked-in feel compared with the lower heel of the Tribase 1. There is also a lowered toe spring to improve responsiveness through decreased ground contact time. The midfoot width has also increased by 10% from the Reign 1 to adapt to a larger foot range. Abrasion resistant, tough materials combined with extended rubber sidewalls protect against everything from hours of burpees to steel barbells and rope climbs, making this the ultimate versatile and durable shoe. 

This shoe has the technology to take you all the way to the top, just ask James Newbury.

The Verdict ? The Tribase Reign 2 is a big step forwards from the Reign 1. A more stable locked-in feel, combined with increased traction technology makes it a far more durable and dynamic shoe. You should feel confident that this shoe has the capability to be as versatile as your programming, and has the technology to take you all the way to the top, just ask James Newbury.

The Tribase Reign 2 is now available on WIT Europe in multiple colour-ways. 

Battle Cancer | How the Organisation that was Founded in Event Fund-raising, has Adapted During Lockdown and is Attracting Some of the Biggest Names in Fitness.

Back in January WIT annouced their partnership with Battle Cancer, the fundraising fitness event movement. Since we announced our partnership a lot has happened for the movement, a sell-out Dublin competition, an incredible Lift for Life challenge at Wodapalooza in Miami, and a 5-city USA fundraising tour. However it was all cut short in March due to the unfolding Covid-19 outbreak and the organisation was forced to put their main fundraising avenue on hold, their events, and react fast to uncertainty around mass-participation events and a challenging fundraising landscape.

However Battle Cancer has adapted to this new normal and been attracting some of the biggest names in fitness to support their movement in the process, including Instagram live workouts with an all star line up of CrossFit athletes. We caught up with the team to find out how the likes of Noah Ohlsen came to support the movement, and also when they hope to resume their event series...

Battle Cancer has been delivering workouts live on Instagram with some very exciting co-hosts, including 2nd fittest on earth, noah ohlsen.

Forced to postpone fundraising events until the autumn, Battle Cancer has been busy delivering bi-weekly workouts to followers live on Instagram with some very exciting co-hosts. Coached by Battle Cancer Directors, Scott and Freya Britton, classes run every Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am, giving followers a taste of Battle Cancer style workouts. Movements are simple, fun and accessible but offer a killer fitness blast!

Thrown into the hour session is conversation, Q&As, fitness tips and general life advice from some of our industry’s biggest names including WIT’s very own Gus Vaz Tostes, CrossFit athletes Noah Ohlsen, Lauren Fisher, and Zack George. Plus household names such as comedian Joel Dommett and Hollywood stunt man Bobby Holland Hanton.

Battle Cancer’s classes are free to join, but followers are encouraged to donate a few pounds, euros or dollars to the Battle Cancer Move Forward program - an initiative that turns cancer survivors into CrossFit coaches. Battle Cancer is currently fundraising the £7k it takes to deliver the program in one gym for a year. Once set up, the program is self-sufficient, coaching and creating the next year’s coach of survivors helping survivors.

You can workout with some of the biggest names in CrossFit, classes are free to all but participants are encouraged to donate a few pounds.

Kicking off its event calendar with a bang in February, Battle Cancer took WIT and its unique style of fundraising fitness to Dublin. Raising funds for the Irish Cancer Society along with other small hospices and cancer charities, Dublin’s passionate fitness community showed plenty of heart and craic on the comp floor falling out of sack races and smashing the Whatever it Takes chipper workout. 

Among the teams were athletes from Belfast’s Move Forward program - the incredible initiative that Battle Cancer has joined forces with to turn cancer survivors into CrossFit coaches. Find out more about the Battle Cancer Move Forward program below.

So far, the program has had enormous success in improving the fitness, quality of life and fatigue among teenage and young adult cancer survivors. Athletes show gains in physical measures including cardiovascular health, lung function, strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, endurance, and speed, as well as improvements in mental health, positive outlook and quality of life. 


Before February was out, Battle Cancer delivered Lift for Life challenges at the Norwegian CrossFit Championship and Wodapalooza. Challenging the events’ athletes, staff and spectators to 10,000 pull-ups in Norway and 606,800kg lifted in Miami, there were laughs, tears and sweat as pull-ups were counted and kilos were lifted - 1 to represent each person that passes away from cancer in Norway and the US each year.

Kicking off its fundraising tour in Miami after Wodapalooza, the Battle Cancer team dropped into over 15 CrossFit boxes and drove almost 3,000 miles in one van over four weeks to visit boxes and gyms in Miami, Houston, San Antonio, and San Diego. With special challenges, prizes and open classes, Battle Cancer’s tour reached over 800 people in the US who generously gave their dollars to raise over $7,000 for the American Cancer Society.



Battle Cancer is hoping to get its events back on post-lockdown with its flagship London competition due to take place on the 17th October this year. You can sign up to future events now, however you can also support the orgnaisation by donating direct to their Move Forward Programme, or by purchasing any item from the WIT X Battle Cancer Collection.


Joel Dommett, the British Comedian, Presenter and Actor has got a secret...he is obsessed with CrossFit. The TV funnyman, who is perhaps most widely known for his 2016 stint on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, is a self-confessed 'CrossFit badger'. This is the official definition for the ultimate CrossFit keeno...someone who owns all the stash, know's every athlete and Games season like a pack of top trumps, and diverts the majority of conversations, no matter what the initial subject matter, back to...CrossFit (we all know a badger!).

So we caught up with Joel in Isolation to indulge the obsession even further, talking all things CrossFit, from favorite athletes, to spectating the sport and touring boxes worldwide. Plus we discuss how staying fit and healthy with the sport has helped him, and other Comedians, to funnel their 'insane energy' into a positive and healthy obsession. CrossFit and Joel fans, read on...



It’s been surprisingly busy actually. Today we we wrapped our final episode of Home Alone with Joel Dommett which has been amazing to film!


So basically we have this guy who arrives in like a hazmat suit at the start of the week. He sets up all the cameras and then whilst we are sort of as far away from him as possible, he presses record. Then we then come down and film the show. I have these people in my ear, they sort of tell me what to do and where to go and what to say. The first episode was logistically insane. It was so mad and by this third episode, it's been actually all right. We're now smashing it out.

"my home gym was the first room i sorted when we moved in. I'm lucky to have that right now."


I do yeah, I'm a lucky guy. I've got a little garage. Basically when I first moved house and we were in the process of looking for somewhere to live, we would walk into each house and I would just immediately go to the garage, and Hannah was like was like 'why are you always going to the garage?' As soon as we moved in that was the first room that we properly sorted! I just got loads of Bulldog Gear kit and put it in there. I'm so lucky right now to have that!


I tell you what, there are some real secret fitties out there, you'd be suprised! Comedy is really odd, because comedy is basically people who are usually just a little bit insane! A lot of us used to deal with it with partying and alcohol - so that used to be the comedy scene in the 90's. Now we're all really professional and work really to replace that sort of mad side, people get into exercise. John Bishop is one of them. He's like he's an absolute secret fitty!

"At the end of filming a show, Instead of giving flowers or clothes, I'd give people a CrossFit foundations class. i just knew they'd be hooked like me."


I have actually. I've got quite a few comics into CrossFit. Whenever I do a job, I like to give presents at the end of the job, like a wrap party present because I'm a nice traditional man. But, instead of giving flowers or clothes, I give people a CrossFit foundations class. I've given it to quite a few comics now, as you just know with CrossFit that as soon as you get them to do the foundations course they'll be hooked. 


Yeah I do, almost too much. I really love watching it. With the old format the Games was basically the only weekend of the year that I watched sport, but now with all the sanctioned events that we have going on it is way more than one weekend a year that we get to watch CrossFit. It's genuinely really exciting to me. I get really crazy about it and it feels so silly but that's what I love. The fact that people don't understand and are like 'what are you watching?' I remember when I was in the jungle (hosting in I'm A Celebrity Extra Camp), I was watching the Rogue Invitational and it was amazing, one of the most exciting things I've seen in my life. A girl was trying to snatch 70kg and everyone was cheering her on, it was the best thing I've ever seen. It was better than a Christopher Nolan movie!

"that's the beautiful thing with crossfit, there's always a box, wherever you are in the world nowadays."


I'd say Noah Ohlsen just because it's love that he's so 'bro'ey', it just makes me laugh. He's like the sort of guy that at school would have been too cool for me! I love that. He's just this really cool, an absolute sorority bro. So I really like him. I really like Pat Vellner too. He's just a guy that looks like a normal human being. He seems like he's like one of the good guys, and i like that.


That's the beautiful thing with CrossFit is that there's always boxes, wherever you are. With my last tour, I'd go to each city early, work out in the day or if I was getting there later, I'd stay over and then work out the next day at a box. It just gave me a better sense of a place instead of usually you try do the show leave. I'd go to these boxes and ask if they would want any tickets to the show, I felt that would be my way of "giving back to the community"! Gosh I am such a CrossFit badger! I love it.


There's a part in one of my shows where I ask  someone from the crowd to heckle me and I'll do a heckle put down. I was in Stafford and had been to CrossFit Stafford that day and some guy from the gym that was in the crowd shouted "You've got an awful snatch!" No one else understood it. But never has a heckle cut to the core of me more. Just a single tear running down.

Follow Joel on Instagram to follow his CrossFit obsession in Isolation, to stay up to date with his latest shows and tours, and ultmatley to have a good laugh courtesy of one of the fittest funnymen out there!

Introducing the Battle Cancer Move Forward Program | Turning Cancer Survivors into CrossFit Coaches

WIT believes that training has the capacity to change lives. But how about save them? That’s what Battle Cancer is aiming for with it’s latest initiative, The Battle Cancer Move Forward Programme. The program enables local gyms to deliver specially tailored classes for those affected by cancer, in order to facilitate them back into fitness, support their mental health, and ultimately, turn them into CrossFit coaches.

WIT is proud to support Battle Cancer as its global headline partner, and to help champion the incredible work of the Battle Cancer Move Forward Programme. Read on to find out more about the programme, how it works and who it helps.

“The programme helps young cancer survivors get moving again, to improve physical and mental health. It saved me and changed my life.” John Sloan, 30, Lymphoma survivor

The programme's fundamental logic is based on the work of Simon Darby, a CLIC Sargent social worker and CrossFit coach. The idea is that the Battle Cancer Move Forward Program delivers gyms with specially designed CrossFit classes for those affected by cancer - be it cancer survivors, or those impacted by a loved one with cancer. Focusing on their physical and mental wellbeing, it offers a supportive community, a challenge, a goal, an outlet... because life doesn’t just go back to normal after cancer. 

Working with a host gym, the Battle Cancer Move Forward program delivers a mental health toolkit and a 10-week program of two free classes per week for up to 15 people affected by cancer, along with subsidised travel and kit for its athletes.

Having completed the 10-week program, Battle Cancer Move Forward then pays for one to two athletes to take a CrossFit Level 1 course. In exchange, they commit their time to coach and develop the Move Forward class. It’s this ‘coaching with experience of cancer’ which is a major factor in the success the program has had in Belfast, Ireland. 

“Supporting and empowering young adults with cancer to become coaches is a key element to not just the sustainability but also brings an element of 'empathy' and 'understanding' to other athletes.” Says Simon Darby, CLIC Sargent social worker and founder of Move Forward.

Battle Cancer is now in the process of fundraising in order to put this initiative into action in local gyms around the world and help to make a real impact on the lives of those affected by cancer, not just now, but for the long term too. You can help towards their fundraising goal by donatimng direct to the cause below.

So far, the program has had enormous success in improving the fitness, quality of life and fatigue among teenage and young adult cancer survivors. Athletes show gains in physical measures including cardiovascular health, lung function, strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, endurance, and speed, as well as improvements in mental health, positive outlook and quality of life. 

The Battle Cancer Move Forward programme delivers a mental health toolkit and a 10-week programme for its athletes.

Caoimhe was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 12. Now 22, she shares her story of how the program helped her find strength:

When I was 12, the advice at the time was to rest up. That combined with steroids meant I got very unfit and put on a lot of weight which lasted right up until my relapse. In the space of 5 years, the advice had changed to focus on exercise and keeping healthy. I didn’t know how to do any of this or have the right tools and then I found out about Move Forward. 


Through Move Forward I have not only found strength in a physical sense but also in a mental and spiritual sense. It is more than a fitness programme, it’s a community. It’s a place where you can go to sweat it out and not worry if you look weird or feel weak because everybody there has been in the exact same position as you.


Before Move Forward I could barely lift 5kg and couldn’t run the length of myself now I can deadlift nearly 100kg, squat 80kg and run. Fitness and physical activity used to intimidate me and I hated the thought of it, now it energises me and I look forward to the next class.


Battle Cancer Move Forward wants to share the success of its program around the world, with sights set on delivering its initiative in gyms across the UK, Europe, US and beyond, but it needs your help!

Battle Cancer is also running free live classes on its Instagram every Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am for its community to raise money for the Battle Cancer Move Forward program. You can join Battle Cancer Founder and Director, Scott Britton, along with special guests including Zack George, Noah Ohlsen, Lauren Fisher and Kristen Holte as they work through two accessible 9-minute Battle Cancer style workouts. Join in if you can and help to enable this incredible programme through fundraising.


Episode 3 is LIVE!

The heavens open over Bayside in episode 3, as we talk tactics with elite teams TEAM WIT and JST COMPETE | WIT ahead of the 'Shark Bait' swim event. The elite individuals shine as they get their hands on a barbell under the Miami lights in 'Nine Lives'. Plus Dani Speegle swings by the WIT Stand and we see a rock climber Gary take the win in Gus's vice grip challenge with an incredible time.

Everything you Need to Know About the Nike Free Metcon 3

In 2015 Nike created their first ever CrossFit intended shoe, the Metcon. Fast forward 5 years and not only has the classic Metcon shoe evolved with the sport of CrossFit, but Metcon has also expanded into a range of training shoes designed for the differing demands of the training obsessed. From field sport athletes, to comfort seeking CrossFitters, there is now a Metcon to suit your every need. Enter the latest iteration in the range, the Free Metcon 3. In this article,Team WIT sits down with a Nike EKIN - one of Nike’s trusted product experts - to break down everything you need to know about this new addition.

Firstly let's go back to the introduction of the Free to the Metcon range. The Free Mecton was first introduced in 2018 as an answer to the comfort demands of metcon-heads. The core Metcon shoe (generation 1-4 at the time) was specifically designed for any movements that a CrossFitter might throw at them. This was great for constantly varied WODs, but spend a whole day in Metcons and it could feel a little harsh on foot. Enter the first Free X Metcon, the collision of Nike Free’s flexibility and the Metcon’s durability in one new training shoe.

The first and second generations of the Free were loved for this injection of comfort, whilst still retaining the core design notes of the Metcon, the heel lick for handstand push ups and the outer sole wrap for rope climbs for instance. But in reality they tended to be worn by CrossFitters primarily due to their comfort. The design notes rarely actually utilised to their full and instead acting more as nods to the sport.

Gone are the signature handstand heel licks and and rope climb wraps of the core Metcon silhouette.

This led Nike to develop a third generation of the Free that would truly serve as a practical training shoe not just for CrossFit, but the training obsessed at large. In the Free Metcon 3 we see a significantly different aesthetic. To the uninitiated eye, you could be forgiven for thinking it a different type of shoe entirely. Gone are the signature handstand heel licks and and rope climb wraps of the core Metcon silhouette. Instead, you are initially struck by an exaggerated raised outer sole, a wider splayed heel and an overall disruptive and playful aesthetic. But it is these design points that make the Free Metcon 3 a formidable training shoe with the capacity to be a truly dynamic addition to your collection. Read on to find out what the design details of the Free Metcon 3 can do for you. 

initially you're struck by an exaggerated raised outer sole, a wider splayed heel and an overall disruptive and playful aesthetic.



This may perhaps come as a surprise to most as the bulkiness of the raised outer sole appears heavy at first glance. But looks can be deceiving, and that is most definitely the case with the 3, not only does the new design not add any additional weight, but it is in fact 1 ounce lighter than its predecessor, the Free X Metcon 2. The Free therefore firmly ticks the lightweight criteria that the majority of athletes look for in their training shoes.


Whilst the Free 3 may not come with any added weight, it most definitely comes with more stability. The heel no longer licks, but instead runs flush to the ground, offering the ultimate stable base for heavy lifting or dynamic lateral movements. From box jumps mid WOD to lateral drills on the football pitch, the 3 will keep you grounded. 


The Free has a heel to toe drop of 10mm, compared with the Metcon 5 that is far flatter with just a 4mm heel to toe drop. This raised heel provides a foot position far more similar to that of a runner. This, combined with the flexible Free sole (you can literally roll the sole in your hand and manipulate it) provides a perfect position and movement for running and sprinting by promoting dorsiflexion of the foot. 

The sole of the 3 is composed of dual desnity foam. The softer foam for underfoot cushioning (GReen) can be seen through the firmer stable foam of the outer sole (black).


Whoever said you can't have the best of both worlds clearly hadn't had a pair of Nike Frees. The shoe is literally the collision of comfort and durability and nowhere is this seen more so than in the dual density sole. Turn the shoe on its head and you can see colorful patterns of the softer underfoot cushioning (green in the image above) and the firmer and more stabler outer sole (black). This gives you stability and tractions without compromising on comfort. 


The exercises that the free 3s are best designed for are subtly highlighted in graphics on the side of the medial heel.


In case you still didn't feel sure what movements the 3s are best for, the shoe also highlights its specialisms in graphics subtly printed on the inside of the medial heel. Box jumps are most definitely recommended in these due to the stability in the heel and grounding of the sole. The heel sock also fits high and snug, grabbing your heel and ensuring these are firmly on foot when taking on sled pushes or other highly dorsiflexed movements. This was just one of the features that made the shoe a hit with the Tottenham Hotspur Football team in their training sessions. This symbolises the evolution of the Metcon into a multifunctional must have, adopted into both plyometric and strength and conditioning training at the highest level. 

The Outer Sole Heel stripe symbolises the meeting of the metcon heel with the flexible sole of the free.

Disruptive Design

There's no doubt that the Free Metcon 3 looks different to what fans had perhaps expected. But one thing that is no different to the cherished Metcon range is the subtle storytelling throughout the design details of the shoe.  The thick stripe on the outer heel for instance is not just a color-way choice, but it highlights the exact point in the shoe where the Metcon heel merges with the Free sole. A poignant detail in the disruptive design which symbolises the meeting of the Metcon range with the wider demands of the training community.

The Verdict ? A formidable training shoe that would be a welcome variation to the shoe collection of any CrossFitter as well as a staple purchase for the wider training obsessed community.


The Nike Free Metcon 3 is now live to shop in WIT USA, and due to launch in the UK and Europe in July.


Jacob Heppner is a formidable athlete within the sport of CrossFit. He is the current 6th Fittest Man on Earth and a 4 time individual CrossFit Games athlete. Those kind of stats don't appear overnight, but are the result of years of hard work, grit and determination. It would be easy to assume that you would have to live CrossFit from the moment you wake in the morning untill your head hits the pillow at night in order to achieve the heights that Jacob has.

But it was actually only last summer that Jacob quit his full time job as a project manager. Yep thats right, up until then he had been juggling Games training with a full time job, making his achievements all the more impressive. But now that Jacob has a bit more time on his hands, he's anything but free. We caught up with the man himself to find out all about the many projects, and fully flegded businesses, that he now juggles and runs alongside his Games training. Plus we discuss how he came to embrace social media and use it as a tool to connect with his fans.

Read on to find out more about one of the busiest athletes in CrossFit...

"You can be as creative as you like on social media, you can show a realnes & a rawness."

So Jacob, where do you get your creativity from?

I grew up a very creative child. Sounds really weird when you say it like that. But what most people don't know is that I was homeschooled for the majority of my life. My mom was my primary teacher from first up to eighth grade and she was my teacher, so being homeschooled, I had a lot of free time.

How and when did you first start out on social media?

I didn't really approve of social media to begin with. I didn't really like the concept, but someone told me, hey, Jake, you should do social media. When I first started CrossFit it because it'll help you get sponsors and I was like, I don't even know what that means, that I'm not going be great at CrossFit like, who cares about sponsors? Who cares about, you know, social media. But that's how to do it regardless. And really, honestly fell in love with the concept. How creative you can be. I mean, really, honestly, for lack of better terms, the sky's the limit. I can be as creative as I want to be on social media. I can show the realness and the rawness of my life.

Social media right now tends to be people showing the best parts of their life like, 'hey, guys, here I am on my yacht with my super hot supermodel wife in the Bahamas.' That's great and I know that people want to see that. But people out there need to see that there are normal people out there like them that fail and fall apart and don't finish workouts or don't measure up to what they want to do. So I want to show that I think that's what usually has set me apart, as I'm not the kind of person that's gonna show you my million dollar yacht in the Bahamas. Number one, I don't own one. Number two, I live in Kansas. And number three, I want to show the rawness. I want to show you that I am failing lifts, half the workouts I put on my social media, I don't complete! And I tell people that. So I guess on social media at the beginning I was showing a realness and a rawness and also being creative.

"It's important for us to humanise ourselves. I don't wake up & want to work out everyday."

You seem to have such a great connection with your audience, why do you think that is?

I think people find a connection with people that they feel are real and relatable. What tends to happen in our sport is they look at athletes like Fraser, Noah and Cole, and they look at them as gods. Granted, Fraser is, but they don't look at us as a human beings. It's important for us to humanise ourselves, to say, "look I wake up in the morning, I'm hungry, I put my pants on the same way you do and I don't wake up and want to work out, to be honest."

When did you realise the power of Youtube and Social Media? You seemed to have focused a lot of time and effort into it and has been growing rapidly!

I have spent hours building it. When I first started out on YouTube it was at the time when I was like, "who uses YouTube?" Then I quickly realised that it allowed me as an athlete to show longer content and to be creative with it. Like, I can't do a weight vest review on Instagram, but I can do a 30 minute weight vest review on Youtube where I can blow them up, burn them and drag them across the Kansas gravel road for 30 minutes on YouTube and show people all those details. So it gives you that flexibility, that creativity and that's always what I've looked for. Up until a couple months ago, it was just me. I pulled in a few people to help me with a few things but I still run my own Instagram. That's just me. If you see people responding, it's me, because I made it my goal in 2019 to respond to as many people as I could. I want people to realise that I don't have someone else responding for me. If you message me, I'm going to respond to your message. If you hit me up and ask me a question, i'll answer. But I have pulled in a videographer & photographer to help me, especially with 'Fitness Related Awesome News'.

Talk to us about Fitness Related Awesome News (F.R.A.N) what is that?

Absolutely. So if you guys have seen the US version of The Office you'll know the actor John Krasinski who plays Jim. So he started a thing called 'Some Good News', which basically highlights good news stories from around the world. FRAN is essentially the same concept, but showing positive things from the fitness community, because right now if you go on a news channel it's always "Oh the Corona virus is causing mass destruction etc", so I decided someone has to do this in the CrossFit space. The first episode I was looking for a positive dude so I pulled in Noah Ohlsen (he's a pretty positive dude, you know?). From there on, ire been pretty easy to get people on. We've had Brooke Wells, Dani Speegle, Pat Vellner and we actually has Mat Fraser on a few days ago. So we're having a good time doing it and sharing good stories.

Watch the first episode below...


What should the world expect to see from Jacob Heppner in the upcoming years?

Yeah so I've been working on a few things. One of the first things we tried to do in 2020 (before COVID put a stop to things) was to take the 10 acres of property on my land and try to grow hemp. The ideas was that I work with pure spectrum CBD, but right now that there is not an athlete company relationship where the athlete is creating raw products that their sponsor company uses. No company can actually say, 'Hey, Jacob created this!'. So I thought - OK, we could grow hemp on our property. Sell it to pure spectrum, then help us grow it. You know, give it a pure spectrum. We had all paperwork done to get approved. We submitted it to get approved for commercial hemp license in Kansas this year. And then Corona decided to show up and everyone in the United States Department of Agriculture went on leave, so they're not approving paperwork. So that was one thing, watch this space!

But I also run a programming company, Midwest May, which is essentially just my programming, the exact workouts I'm doing, because I think people need to realise that there's not a secret to the sauce. So I have no problem showing people what I do on a daily basis. We started that company about last year. It's been going really well!

"I'm also working with a team of developers on an app for the fitness space, it's going to be friggin' amazing!"

A couple weeks ago, I also founded a company called Functional Eating, and it is a nutrition company for the fitness space. And essentially it's the same coaches that I have been using for a while for my nutrition. They didn't have the reach to pull people in. So I said, look, let's create a company together. I'll give you the reach and I'll help people get access to the exact same coaches that I work with for my nutrition. So we started that a couple weeks and it's going really well! It's not just for athletes, it's for everybody.

Then I'm also in another process (that I can't talk too much about it because I have an NDA signed), but I'm working with a team of developers and we're in the process of designing an app for the fitness space that's going to change everything. It's going to be friggin' amazing for everybody in and across that space!

Follow Jacob on Instagram and Youtube to keep up to date with his busineses and projects. Plus stay tuned to his channels to follow his CrossFit season. Having finished 18th in the worldwide Open Jacob is currently set to attend the 2020 Games, we're sure he can find some time to squeeze that in too! 


In 2015 Nike launched their first ever training shoe intended for CrossFit use, the Nike Metcon. Having been tried and tested by none other than Josh Bridges in the Socal Regional of 2014, the anticipated Metcon 1 launched and sold out in Europe in just 24 hours in 2015, becoming an instant cult favourite in the CrossFit community. As new colour-way after new colour-way dropped, fans were left trying to keep up with the CrossFit kicks. They were craving a daily fix of what was new in the world of Metcons, and also wanting to indulge themselves in the story telling behind the creation of each shoe.

But there was a void, no such platform existed to meet their daily needs. Enter Alan McDermott, the man who created the #METCONDAILY hashtag that indulged Metcon lovers worldwide and took his IG account @nikemetconclub from a small fanpage to a global club for the Metcon obsessed. We caught up with Alan to find out how it all happened and talk all things Metcon.

Metcon fans, read on...

"In 2015 I couldn't find any information about Metcons anywhere online..."



So it started in 2015, so five years ago now. The reason for starting it was due to the fact that I couldn't find any information about Metcons anywhere online. I was looking on Instagram and couldn't find anything, so I thought, 'oh well I may as well start one up'. I randomly came up with the name. I found some pictures from Nike and used them, it was some rendered images of the Metcon 2s, the ones with the swoosh over the toe. When I put them up people loved it and were commenting lots and it grew from there. It was crazy!
I always remember two points at which I had the biggest growth. The first was when a girl whose name I can't remember, but who had around fifteen thousand followers reposted me and it just went mental from there. I remember breaking like two thousand followers and I was like 'Oh, my God. Look at me. I'm so famous haha!' But the biggest growth I had was when I reposted WIT Founder Dan Williams' photograph of the Romaleos 3. They were the official photographs of the Roms that Dan put up which i re-posted and it just went absolutely mental! I must have got like two thousand followers. It was ridiculous. So thank you Dan Williams!



I had Blue Inov-8s, the F-230s I believe, the ones everyone used to use. Andy Edwards (CrossFit Seminar Staff & Jamie Greene's coach) used to have a pair down at Dragon Athletic in Cardiff and I remember seeing them and was like I need to get them!


I remember the first time I got a DM from Noah Ohlsen and that blew my mind that did. Nobody believed me! I think I wrote something on his post and he sent me a DM. Since then we've been chatting! He's always been really friendly. I remember when he got the Blue Monday Metcon 2s we chatted about them for ages. He's class! To meet though, it has to be Mat Fraser.

"My favourite metcon was the 'metcon knows', because of the story behind it, from the original nike trainer."


This is tough! The 'Metcon Knows', which is the leather suede one that Nike made. I love it because of the story behind it. I love the idea that it was based on the original Nike Trainer. For someone who loves sneakers, they were just amazing! And then they ripped and I was absolutely mortified! Dan Williams actually sent me his pair when I told him and I was made up. Nike also made an orange European Exclusive. It was a Metcon 1, orange sole and grey top, I just love that shoe! That's probably my favourite colour-way.


I think it needs to develop from Instagram, because my concern is that if Instagram disappears, I've got nothing. I would like to do more interviews with people who were involved in the shoe. So I'd like to do that, whether it be on Instagram live or Youtube. A podcast would be great where I talk for 15-20 minutes with Nike Games Athletes or somebody who has helped develop the shoe. It would be great to give fans of the Metcon this in-sight to things such as how the Metcon started. It actually started from a tweet!


The Nike Metcon has become an icon in functional training and is now in its 5th generation, the Metcon 5. Last year, in a change of rules, athletes were allowed to wear footwear of their own choice at the CrossFit Games for the first time, and the Metcon 5 graced the competition floor in Madison at the 2019 CrossFit Games. The Metcon 5 was worn by both Mat Fraser and Noah Olsen as they stood atop of the podium in Metcons in 1st and 2nd place respectively.


WIT have been fortunate enough to work with Alan and his platforms on a few projects most notably WIT and Nike's 'HISTORY OF THE METCON' gallery at WIT's June 2019 training experience Paris pop up. This told the story of the Metcon from inception through to the launch of the Metcon 5. The Metcon 5 had just been unveiled and launched that very week.

Follow Alan @nikemetconclub to stay up to date with the coolest Metcons around and follow as the legacy of this iconic shoe continues to evolve. 


What do you think's better the Nano or the Metcon? Which training shorts are the best for CrossFit? Which skipping rope will help me nail double-unders? Does this sound like the sorts of questions you and your CrossFit buddies have on the regular ? What if there was someone that could answer those questions for you, as well as question that you didn't even know you needed the answer for yet? Enter Joel Te. Also Known As,  As Many Reviews As Possible.

With over 40k followers on instagram and 23k subscribers on YouTube, we caught up with the man behind the training review go-to platform to find out what it takes to make a successful blog, what's next for the channel and all things training. 

"I kept on showing up at my box with different shoes, and became the go-to review guy at my box.

You've built an impressive following and community with 'As Many Reviews As Possible', how and when did you start the account? 

Shortly after starting CrossFit in 2012, I kind of became the go-to guy to ask for shoe advice because I kept showing up to the box with different pairs. From there, I decided to just write what I thought about the on my blog. In the past, I had written video game reviews, was a Yelp elite, and had a personal blog, so it all kind of just fit. Also, at the time, I couldn’t believe there was no resource for reviews on training shoes or fitness equipment other than finding random posts in forums; it was a hole I just decided to fill.

How do you manage to split your time between your Affiliate and the digital world? 

I still have trouble splitting my time wisely, especially being locked down right now; I’m way less productive being at home than at the gym and being in my already terrible routine. Luckily at this point with the gym, my coaches can pretty much take care of all the classes and I can use it in between to film reviews. The days that I have to coach in the morning are usually my days off from recording videos because I’m afraid I’ll look like a zombie.

"I try to be an actual person online and not just another influencer account."

What do you think has made As Many Reviews As Possible so successful? 

Haha, I’m still not sure why people follow me. Honestly, I think the main reason is because the growth of it all has been organic and while I’m honest about my reviews, I still try to point out what people may like in a product, even if I personally don’t. I also try to be an actual person online and not just another influencer account – I respond to people as much as I can and I’m not really afraid to say what’s on my mind.

Has your content evolved and changed much since you started?

My content when I first started was all in blog format, over time it became more review-like as I started to learn more and more about product. In 2015, I did my first video review and it was awful – lots of stuttering and pauses. Nowadays, I’m a little more comfortable in front of a camera but I can still have off days where I’m terrible and I spend hours recording a 10 minute review. Honestly, I never wanted to do video reviews because I’m a little self conscious, but nowadays I do way more videos than I do written reviews.

What do you wish you knew now, that you wish you knew when you started?

Everything. It was all so new when I first started, training, gym equipment, shoes, social media  – I was a newbie at everything. I guess this one can go back to the last question – I kind of wish I started my YouTube channel sooner. Actually, I take that back, I wish I started streaming video games sooner/more - that blew up!

"As Many Reviews As Possible will be around for as long as people enjoy the content that I put out."

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Normally I’ll wake up, eat my breakfast, respond to messages/e-mails, make a post on IG, go back to responding to messages, play video games for a little bit, eat lunch, work on a review, workout (hopefully nowadays), make some more posts on IG, if the gym is open I’ll coach some classes (if not, I’m cooking dinner), work on review stuff (editing or writing), then HOPEFULLY have time to play more video games at the end of the day. I’m a night owl, I’m the most productive from 8-1am (even if I have to coach AM classes because I’m a masochist).

What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur? 

Just do what you want to do. If you want to make it work, you will. When it sucks, and it will, don’t just give up if you believe in what you’re doing. Starting a business is like doing a WOD, there’s going to be things about it that you absolutely live for, and then there are things that feel like you’re banging your face into the wall, but at the end of the day the feeling of satisfaction you get afterwards is hard to replicate. Be genuine and have fun with it.

What's next for As Many Reviews As Possible? Do you have plans to grow the channel further? 

As Many Reviews as Possible will be around as long as people enjoy the content that I put out. I’m always messing around with new ideas to engage my audience and since I’m pretty much a one man squad, I can do whatever I want really. This year was supposed to be the year that I got out to more events and met more people, but due to the circumstances we’re in that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I would love to be more active at CrossFit/Fitness events and getting to meet new people in the community outside of on Instagram!


Follow Joel on Instragram and YouTube for reviews of all the latest in training apparel and equipment, and to check out his back catalogue of reviews.


Episode 2 is LIVE!

At Day 2 of the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival 2020, we go behind the scenes and talk tactics with WIT's elite team ahead of the 'Pace Race' row event, as they look to challenge Mayhem Freedom. The crew at WIT are on the hunt to find a Vice Grip challenge champion worthy of a Theragun prize, and we head back under the famous Miami lights for a highlight event of the weekend, the 'Pump Sesh Triplet.'



Macros can be confusing. How much should you eat? Should I be low carb, high fat, how much protein should I eat?….It is a minefield. 

In this article Liam, the owner of pH Nutrition walks you through each one providing the why, what and how much you should be eating.

There are 3 main macronutrients - PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATES AND FATS.

To perform well both in and out of the gym we need a balance of all three of the macronutrients above. Each macronutrient offers unique benefits for both health and performance. 

Moving away from a “diet” and implementing a “lifestyle” is how you will make sustained progress. A crucial element to achieve this is eating the right foods at the right times in the right amounts. 

The table above offeres a good reference point for the typical macro splits you should look to achieve dependant upon your activity type.

Protein | your protein intake should be consistent over the day.

Protein is a macronutrient that provides 4 calories per gram. It is made up of 20 amino acids, of which 9 are classified as essential. This means they cannot be synthesised by the body and must be consumed via food. Once the protein is ingested, it is broken into different amino acid molecules, with each one performing a different function in the human body. Protein is essential for - 

Building muscle tissue
Recovery from exercise
Supporting metabolism
Satiety when eating
Immune function
Enzyme function
Hormone production
Detoxification (amino acids are needed for phase 1 and 2 detoxification)

Your protein intake should be consistent over the day. Try to eat some form of protein at EACH MEAL. It is just as important during a period of fat loss as when you are trying to support performance or gaining muscle.


As we know CrossFit and high-intensity exercise places considerable stress on the body. Primarily protein allows us to regenerate new muscle tissue that has been broken down during our training. However, as we mentioned above it has numerous other functions. 

If you have an inadequate amount of protein in the diet, you may experience the following

Poor recovery from training
Lack of satiety at meal times
Not seeing progress in your body composition


As mentioned above, protein should be kept consistent over the day and over the week. Yes, even on a rest day. For vegetarians and vegan you may want to lower this to 20-25% to allow for the naturally higher carbohydrate intake with these diets. 


Let’s start with carbohydrates and weight loss. Reduced calorie diets result in clinical meaningful weight loss, regardless of the macro nutrients they emphasise. No, carbs do not make you fat. An excess of food does. Carbohydrates can be very easy to overconsume, either in a liquid or solid form. With this being one of the issues why carbs have been labelled the bad guy. 

I think there has been a shift recently in the understanding that to perform well at high intensity you need carbohydrates. This is not to say that you cannot train whilst following a lower carbohydrate diet, but you won’t be maximising your performance.

The key is knowing how to use the right ones in the right amounts at the right times.

After exercise, our muscle glycogen (the form our body stores carbohydrates) levels are depleted. Glycogen is the preferred source of energy for high-intensity exercise so it is imperative we have either adequate stores for the training session and / or have eaten a carbohydrate rich meal / snack prior. This provides the body with the correct substrate to perform the exercise optimally. 

You need to correlate our carbohydrate intake to our output. If you eat too many sugars and carbohydrates at times when you are less active, you are setting your body up to store these calories as fat. The balance you need to achieve is the correct calories and carbohydrates for the level of activity and training you are performing.


I prefer to keep our clients intake relatively consistent across the week, with only a few small tweaks on rest days / lower volume days. I think having different targets for low volume, medium and high volume training each day is way too confusing for most.

Follow the splits in the table above and make small changes depending on your training.


FAT | Fat is essential in our diets and the right ones should be included on a daily basis.

Let's clear things up right from the start, the fat that you eat does NOT equal fat on your body. An excess of any calorie (protein, carb, fat, or alcohol) will cause your body to put on the fluffy stuff.

Fat is an important fuel for your body which is one of the reasons our bodies are so good at storing it. From just a single gram of fat, we get 9 calories of energy. The extra calories are one of the reasons we need to be more aware of our fat intake when we are trying to lose fat.  


You may have heard of "good fats" and "bad fats". Hydrogenated and trans fats that are used in processed foods and industrial cooking are the bad fats. Trans- fatty acids that appear in processed foods (biscuits, chocolate bars) margarine and oils such as soybean and corn oil should be removed from our diet. They provide no health or performance benefits at all. 

We want to prioritise eating more of the omega-3 foods and use good quality mono and saturated fats at specific times. Fat is essential in our diets and the right ones should be included on a daily basis.


Aid recovery from exercise
Fuel exercise performance
Improve body composition
Vital for hormone production
Increase nutrient and vitamin absorption
Cardiovascular protection
Preserve memory
Aid in eye, skin and hair health


Good fats can help with recovery from exercise as they help lower inflammation caused by exercise. They also help with hormone balance. We place a lot of stress on the body from crushing our training so we need to support our recovery away from the gym.

Using fats around your workouts is somewhat controversial. A rule of thumb is you want to lower them post-workout to allow for more protein and carbohydrates to be consumed. However, using them pre-workout is fine if you feel this works well for you. A little trial and error is required here. 

I hope this has helped you get a better understanding of how much you should be eating for each macro nutrient. The bottom line is to have a balanced intake as your baseline and manipulate carbs and fats depending on your goal and training stimulus. If you can stick to this you'll be well on your way!


Tom Grennan shot to fame in 2018 with the release of his first album, Lighting Matches, which shot into the top 5 and was followed up by a sold-out tour. The track-list included well known hits such as Found What I’ve Been Looking For and Something In the Water. But Tom actually first found fame as the gritty guest vocalist on Chase & Status's 2016 hit When It All Goes Wrong, a track that has continued to echo around gyms and CrossFit boxes for years since, serving up the much needed motivation required when gym goers find themselves lost in a dark and deep pain cave.

But Tom actually found some much needed motivation of his own back in December 2019 when he first discovered CrossFit. Tom, like countless CrossFitters before him, was hooked after his first session and hasn’t looked back since. We sat down with Tom to talk to him about his training, his music and how CrossFit has helped him both physically and mentally during a tough period of his life.

"From just five minutes in I was loving it, and do you know what it was? It was the community aspect."

So Tom, How did you first hear about WIT and CrossFit?

I got into it because of my good friend Bobby Rich. I started it because I'm a guy that can easily get bored and I don't really like sticking to one thing. With CrossFit, when I started I loved the mixture of different things we do in a class. I found going to a normal gym boring but with CrossFit there was gymnastics involved, weight training and bodyweight movements like jumping over boxes which I love doing. I knew this wasn’t going to feel like doing the same old dumbbell movements that you would do in a normal gym, it was going to be different. It’s going to be fun as well. Also, you're all in it together in the class. It's like it's a competition and I like the competitiveness of CrossFit and beating yourself and the times on the board.

Did you feel nervous before your first session?

You know, if I was on my own, I probably would have felt a bit more nervous, I wouldn't have known if I would've been able to do it. But because I was with Bobby and everybody at WIT was so welcoming when I came, the nerves just went. And then throughout the first workout everyone was egging me on and I said to myself 'Yo I like this, give me some more!' From just five minutes in I was loving it, and do you know what it was? It was the community aspect, we were there for like 10 minutes and I felt so welcomed and included.

"Throughout the first workout everyone was egging me on and I said to myself 'Yo I like this, give me some more!'"

So are you getting withdrawals at the moment, or have you managed to keep on exercising during lockdown?

Yeah, I actually hit up coach Gus, and asked if he could help me out whilst I was at home. WIT's live workouts on a Saturday and daily classes have helped. I've also been running three times a week and I've been trying to stick to a diet plan and have started doing WIT 30 as well (a 30 day nutrition challenge led by WIT and PH Nutrition through the month of May).

Do you find that CrossFit and staying in shape helps when you are on the stage and on tour?

Since starting CrossFit I haven’t actually had any shows, but I definitely feel so much fitter and when you're on stage, you really need to be fit. That was actually one of my original goals with Gus and everyone at WIT as I had a show coming up in October so I was building up to that. Obviously, that's won’t be happening now but I’m still working towards it, that goal to be super fit and ready to take the t-shirt off during the last song of my next set, and be like ‘Come On!’.

When you are able to get back out on tour again, do you think CrossFit is something you’ll look to do when travelling?

Definitely, one hundred percent. I've been looking into where I can do it already. But also now I know I can do it from home and with not much equipment I'll definitely try get other people involved on the bus as well! The tour bus that is, not the night bus!

"I feel so much fitter, and when you're on stage, you really need to be fit."

When you are training, what’s your go to music playlist?

I like listening to upbeat music mostly, but I guess it depends what kind of mood I'm in. If I was going against the clock, then upbeat house/dance vibes and that's not usually what I l would listen to, But if I was on a run or doing cardio, I would listen to like soul or disco. If I'm doing weight training then I would put on some Eminem or old school hip hop!

Do you ever listen to your own music when you train? Your song ‘When It All Goes Wrong’ with Chase & Status is go to for gym playlists.

No never! That actually came on the other day in class and I was so fast to switch it off!

"I'm a man who can definitely slip into a dark place."

Why do you enjoy CrossFit so much, what makes you keep on coming back?

It’s definitely done a lot for my mental state, as I went through a big breakup (which is what my whole new album is about). I'm a man who can definitely slip into a dark place. But with CrossFit at WIT I’m able to go into a class with everyone and and feel like we’re in it together. We can all get on with life together. You can all laugh together. It’s just sick, and it’s feel good. I'm actually really getting into all the documentaries on Netflix as well and following the sport. I watched The Fittest in Dubai, these people are stupidly strong, man. It's mad! I find myself watching them all and getting so inspired. As soon as I watched the Fittest in Dubai I went straight on a bike ride and rode 20 miles!

What’s your favourite CrossFit movement?

I like snatching. When I first did that, I didn't really have a clue how to do it but when you go up in weight it feels amazing. I'm not lifting anything that heavy yet but when you add extra weight and hit the lift, what a feeling that is! I also love a little handstand push up too! I'm also to get a handstand without having a wall there but it's super hard!

Would you recommend CrossFit to your friends?

Yeah I would recommend it to everybody. Just give it a go, it's legit! Honestly, I’m so grateful for discovering it, it's properly sorting me out. Especially at the moment, it’s really helping me out. Give it a go, one hundred percent.


Tom trained at WIT House LDN prior to lockdown in the UK. Follow Tom on Instagram to check out his training from home, and his music including his current and upcoming releases, plus some exclusive live sessions from his home during lockdown.


You may already be familiar with the Theragun, the drill-like handheld massage device or ‘gun’ that seems to be in everyone’s hands, from your squat partner at your box, to Mat Fraser, the Fittest Man on Earth. They are designed to aid with muscle activation, decrease muscle soreness, relieve muscle pain and even increase your range of motion through rapid strokes known as percussive therapy. But how did one man with a golf ball adapted power-drill prototype go on to develop a world leading percussive therapy device which has just released their much anticipated 4th generation of models? Let's find out... 

The world's first version of what was to become the Theragun.

It actually all started with a bid to find a device that could help to relieve muscular pain. In 2007 when Dr. Jason Wersland (the founder of Theragun®) got into a traumatic motorcycle accident he was left with debilitating muscle and nerve pain, and nothing he tried seemed to help. He was looking for an effective natural solution but in the sea of technological devices at his chiropractic office there was nothing. He didn't know it at the time, but he was about to create the world's first version of what was to become the Theragun.

Dr. Jason dedicated eight years to developing five different prototypes, devoted to finding a solution that worked. In 2016, Theragun introduced the G1, their first purchasable product. This quickly became a staple not only for athletes but also CrossFitters and everyday athletes worldside. In 2017, they introduced the G2PRO and became the industry leader in percussive therapy. Their quest for constant innovation drove them to release the G3PRO in January of 2019, and since then they have become a must-have device, helping people to feel and move better.

The Evolution of the theragun from generation 1 to 4

In their 4th generation, Theragun are continuing to harness the power of advanced technology with the latest devices being smarter, more personalized, and quieter than ever. Having become a kitbag essential in their own right, they’ve also adapted to this requirement and brought out an all new mini device, their most compact and portable device yet, perfect for use ‘on-the-go’. The new 4th generation devices still treat your muscles 60% deeper than consumer-grade vibration massagers while now blending into the background thanks to the dramatic reduction in sound.

Percussive Therapy helps to bring oxygen in and flush toxins out, essentially hydrating your muscles back to health.

But you may still be wondering, what exactly is ‘percussive therapy’. Simply put, it is massage reinvented. Rather than just applying pressure that pushes your muscles like other massage techniques, percussive therapy provides rapid bursts of pressure deep into the tissue of the body which stimulate heat and blood flow. This is works 60% deeper than traditional massage vibrators and helps to bring oxygen in and flush toxins out, essentially hydrating your muscles back to health.


The speed and frequency with which Theragun Percussive Therapy devices go on and then come off of the body also keep your brain from acclimating to the stimulation. Essentially, they are too quick for your muscles to have time to react, this maximizes the therapeutic effects each time the device makes contact with your body. The continuous stimulation distracts the brain away from the pain while also delivering deep effective treatment more comfortable than manual therapy. 

Smarter, more personalized and quieter than ever before. The 4th Generation collection, including the Theragun mini.

In the four short years that their products have been available, Theragun have become the world leader in percussive therapy. They have gained the trust of over 250 sports teams worldwide and countless physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities, athletes, and everyday people a-like. Their 4th generation devices have evolved to support optimum usage, whether smaller and lighter for on-the-go, or quieter for at home usage. WIT is proud to stock the G4 and Mini, available now.


Cameron van der Burgh is a decorated South African breaststroke sprint swimmer with 16 World Records, 29 International medals to his name including an Olympic Gold, 3 World Championship Golds and 4 Commonwealth Games Golds. His prolific swimming career span from 2007 to 2018 when he retired. He is the essence of a world class athlete in his sport, and was known for his explosiveness and speed. However it was in 2017 that Cameron first discovered the sport of CrossFit.

Cameron began to follow the training Methodology and was hooked by the varied programming and competitive environment. We caught up with Cameron to discuss his CrossFit experience so far

Olympic Gold, 3 World Championship Golds & 4 Commonwealth Golds

Cameron, how and when did you first hear about CrossFit?

I heard about CrossFit in around 2014 if I remember correctly, a couple of my friends in South Africa started getting into it, and because I’d been doing Olympic lifts for so long in my swimming training, (since I was 16) I was strong, but I wasn’t doing a lot of functional movement, like you do in CrossFit. But I really got into it when I started to prepare for life after swimming when I moved to Cape Town in 2017. There was no swimming club I could train with properly, so to supplement my lonely pool sessions, I started CrossFit and Aerobic Capacity work, I was hooked.


Your training included Olympic Lifting from a young age, would that be common to see OLY lifting in the Strength and Conditioning programming of a competitive swimmer? 

I would say I was one of the first, one of the old school guys when I started with my S&C coach. People would joke saying I was more of a body builder than a swimmer. Training in the gym was about strength and power and explosiveness, and swim training back then was very much focussed more on endurance and time spent in the pool to increase fitness. That is changing and swimmers now take into consideration loading the central nervous system. There has been a huge change in swimmers now training across disciplines, and distances. Particularly in sprint swimmers - they are much more focused on maximum power and maximum strength training on land as opposed to in the pool, to gain advantage on the field. Adam Peaty has taken over from where I left off, in destroying the field in the beginning of the race, and we can credit the explosive weight training for that speed out the blocks.

"People would joke, saying I was more of a bodybuilder than a swimmer"

Are there any CrossFit workouts that you've done where you feel that your swimming training benefits your performance?

Yeah, definitely. When I first started out I was already able to do Ring Muscle-Ups for days, but my clean and jerk needed a lot of work. Double-Unders, ab work anything like that, swimming naturally primed me very well for those movements.

Have you ever competed in CrossFit in any way?

I did the 2018 CrossFit Open. I can’t remember my exact result, but I know that it wasn’t that bad. I would say it was pretty respectful after only taking it seriously for around 4 months prior.

Do you have any specific CrossFit or training goals right now? 

Yes definitely, with CrossFit there are always goals to work towards. Whether it's training for The Open, or trying to improve your score in a benchmark WOD, or even just beating your mates next to you in the box. There are always small goals that keep you motivated. 


Do you follow CrossFit as a sport? Have you watched the documentaries on Netflix?

Yes and I love them, they get you so pumped up! They are so well put together, I think they’re great, especially now that they're on Netflix. I follow the sport, particularly Tia Toomey, Mat Fraser and Rich Froning.

Do you think that the winners of the CrossFit Games are genuinely the fittest on earth?

I think that’s a hard question. A good friend of mine from Cape Town, who’s an absolute beast in training, came over to London and we did a fitness class, a high intensity circuit kind of class at a studio in London. He’s a fit guy, but it totally destroyed him! I think the different movements and style of training between sports are so hard to compare. You could Fraser is the fittest guy, but if you put him next to Eliud Kipchoge, I don’t know if you could. They are all the best within the boundaries of their own sports.


Cameron relocated to London in 2018 after his retirement from competitive swimming, to pursue a new career as a hedge fund analyst, where he continues to practice CrossFit. 

Hunter McIntyre

Who is "The Sheriff?"

Hunter McIntyre aka “The Sheriff” - You may not know exactly who he is, but you have most probably heard the name, or spotted the mullet. Hunter is currently the number one ranked HYROX athlete in the world, but there’s a lot more on the impressive resume of this world renowned athlete. So let’s find out - who is “The Sheriff?”

After years of hard partying, addiction and run-ins with the law, Hunter found himself participating in a Spartan Race on a whim. He finished only 8 minutes behind the World Champion, Hobie Call. Obstacle Course Racing instantly became the catalyst to the change he needed in his life. Hunter had the ideal combination of height, strength and speed needed for the sport. The sport of OCR involves endurance running, mud baths, scaling walls, freezing waters and lifting heavy objects. Hunter, known as “The Sheriff,” went on to master the sport and become the six-time World and four-time National Champion. Hunter also transferred his dominance into the sport of Tough Mudder, and became the Tough Mudder X 2017/2018 Undefeated Champion.


Alongside his OCR success, Hunter entered WWE Hall of Fame legend Steve Austin’s extreme reality TV show ‘Broken Skull Ranch’ (an American TV challenge show - think Gladiators but in the middle of the desert). The show tests competitors in a series of physical challenges which include fighting, obstacle races and many more gruelling tasks. Hunter became the undefeated champion for the three seasons that he was on the show and gained notoriety in the USA for his repeated dominant performances.

Six-time World and four-time National Obstacle Course Running Champion.

However Hunter’s name became a buzzword in the sport of CrossFit last year when he received a wild card entry to the 2019 Games. This was an unprecedented invitation, the likes of which had never been issued in the sport before, and it caused quite a stir amongst the CrossFit community and most notably a number of already Qualified CrossFit Games athletes who took exception to a Games ticket being handed to Sheriff. However this was a chance for Hunter to measure his accomplishments against a deep field of proven CrossFit athletes. Hunter made it through the challenging first cut but the handstand walks in Event 2 got the better of Hunter and he was cut, taking 62nd place overall. Certainly an impressive 1st appearance, but Hunter reflected on his performance and rallied that “this won’t be [his] last time at the CrossFit Games!”

"This won't be my last time at the CrossFit Games!"

In the months immediately after the Games, Hunter switched up his training and dedicated his efforts to training for the sport of HYROX. HYROX is a competitive indoor fitness race that consists of eight 1km runs and eight functional workouts. As HYROX events are half strength, half cardio, Hunter was able to split his training right down the middle and able to showcase his speed and agility once more. Hunter is currently the number one ranked HYROX athlete in the world, after winning HYROX Chicago and HYROX Dallas. With the HYROX World Championships in Berlin currently being postponed, Hunter is still the athlete to watch within the HYROX space. 

"There can only be one Sheriff in this town"

Hunter has an undeniable confidence and willingness to take on any challenge that life throws at him. “The Sheriff”, as he likes to refer to himself, is sure to cause a stir in a number of different sports. But he backs up that confidence time and time again with undefeated successes. As the saying goes, “there can only be one Sheriff in this town”, but it seems Hunter McIntyre runs quite a few.


Tune into IG Live this Sunday May 3rd at 4.30pm BST to watch WIT’s Coffee Chats Series with Hunter himself.  Ask Hunter your own questions and hear more from the man himself about his incredible sporting experiences.


Episode 1 is LIVE!

Last stop - CrossFit Strength in Depth in London where we saw Mat Fraser and Laura Horvath storm to victory. Up Now? We're bringing you all the action from Wodapalooza 2020 in a 4 part series. We go behind the scenes with your favourite CrossFit athletes and take you into the hearts and homes of some of the biggest boxes in all of Miami.

Episode 1: TEAM WIT tours Reebok CrossFit Miami beach, we unveil WIT WZA with the help of Annie Thorisdottir and Brent Fikowski, and we follow our elite teams as they take on the 1st day of events under the Miami sun, and those famous Miami lights.


There are many elements of training that we are unable to perform right now. From throwing a barbell around, to kipping on the rig, it's therefore easy to feel that we may be loosing our hard-earned progress.  However priming our bodies for optimal performance when the time does come to getting back under a barbell, is absolutely something we are in control of. To help you on this mission we are bringing in the experts - Ashley Grossmann and Franco Contiero.

Read on to hear Ash and Franco's advice on the most common injuries and limitations preventing CrossFitters from progressing...

Dual Qualified Physiotherapist and Osteopath and avid CrossFitter Franco Contiero runs two busy clinics in central London. During his 12 years in clinical practice, he has worked in different settings, from the public health system to private physiotherapy and sporting events. He got involved in CrossFit first personally and then professionally as a sports clinician, treating both casual CrossFitters and pro-athletes.

He completed an intensive training program in advanced biomechanics developed through the Gray Institute (USA) and has earned the distinction of Fellow of Applied Functional Science. This specialisation allows him to design rehab programs integrating functional movements to help clients overcome injury and achieve enhanced function according to their unique goals.

Ash studied Biology and Biomechanics at Oxford University, before leaving his corporate career to pursue his passion in fitness. He's since done several qualifications as a movement specialist in functional therapy and functional performance, including a mentorship with RedPill Coaching, one of the most highly regarded names in the sport of CrossFit. Ash now works with RedPill, coaching CrossFit Games athletes through to box beginners.

What is the most common factor stopping CrossFitters from performing better?

Dedicated time working on weaknesses.  It’s obvious, but it is the main thing holding back performance in the sport of CrossFit, for EVERYONE. As we know, CrossFit is a sport rewarding GPP - General Physical Preparedness, the 'Jack of All Trades' does well, and the specialist gets punished.  

As humans, we naturally like doing what we’re good at, we generally find it more fun to be successful, do impressive things and win workouts that play to our strengths.  However, that’s doing things we’re already good at, and the return on that time invested for your CrossFit performance is not as great as the same time or effort spent on something you suck at, which costs you loads of places on the leaderboard.  

If you want to perform better, your training focus should be on the areas with the best ROI (return on investment) for scoring, not enjoyment.  The degree to which it does that will depend on how much you care about improving your performance vs having fun, which is a totally personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer, unless you want to win the Games. 

Reflect on how competitive you want to be, and then look at your training to see if it aligns with your performance. If not, make some changes. 


"Core control" and "midline stability" have become buzz words in CrossFit. What do they mean and where do they fit in a training program?

Core control and midline stability are most often used in reference to bracing through the trunk, to prevent excessive motion.  In CrossFit there is a lot of lifting where we want the midsection to be still/in a relatively fixed position to reduce wobbles that would require extra energy to stabilise and control.  For example, when overhead lunging, if your midsection is loose and allows a lot of motion, then keeping the weight balanced overhead is going to take a lot more energy than if it’s rigid and the weight stays over your centre of mass.  

One of the great things about CrossFit is that the movements are functional, full body compound movements, which nearly always include an element of core control, so you’re already training your core more than if you were doing bodybuilding on the machine weights.  

Depending on your goals, it might be prudent to add in some extra core training if you struggle with particular movements. For example; gymnastics kipping. Always try to keep your additional core work as close to the skill you’re working on. For example; hanging leg raises would transfer to kipping better than a plank.  

In terms of fitting it in, there’s no real wrong answer, besides just before really heavy lifting, which you don’t want to do with a fatigued core. After class, at home, in Open gym are all great times to get it in, practice makes perfect!

What are the most common injuries (or single most common) that CrossFitters present with in clinic?  Why are they so prevalent?

The nature of CrossFit makes this question quite hard to answer! There are so many different types of fitness tested by a CrossFit workout, and it requires control and strength in varied ranges of movement. The good thing about this is that CrossFit is less repetitive than other sports, and this repetition often leads to common strains and injuries, like 'Runner's knee' or 'tennis elbow'.

Wouldn't it be great if this meant that CrossFitters didn't get injured as often as other athletes? Unfortunately, that's not the case. While there isn't a single body part that is commonly injured in CrossFit, we do see a lot of tendon issues in both casual CrossFitters and pro-athletes. A tendon is a structure that connects muscle to bone and assists muscle contraction, allowing your joints to move. Tendons can become over-stressed when required to work hard in a range that they haven't been adequately prepared for. For example, if you find your knee hurts at the front after performing pistols repetitively in workouts, this could be because you haven't adequately prepared the patellar (knee cap) tendon with single-leg accessory exercises beforehand.

When tendon problems occur, aside from making sure the tendon itself is healthy and healing properly, one of the most important parts of treatment is assessing an athlete's current training programme. We want to make sure that accessory work isn't only focusing on general strength and mobility but is preparing the body for that athlete's specific performance needs.

Is there an easy way to distinguish between good pain and bad pain?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. If we're talking about the type of pain a healthy athlete might experience during a hard session, specifically muscular stress and fatigue, then context and judgment are the best indicators of the nature of that pain. Knowing and respecting your capabilities, for example: how much cardiovascular and resistance training demand your body can cope with, is the best way to make an informed decision about whether you should stop or keep pushing through.

When pain is associated an injury or illness, things get a bit more complicated. We know from scientific research that pain is a perception rather than a sensation. This means that pain is not only the result of a physical structure being damaged; instead, it's a complex puzzle pieced together by the nervous system, using information from the body's sensations, memories and expectations. This process is such a fast, automated reaction that we are only aware of the final product: pain.

Assessing which factors are influencing pain is essential for the effective management and treatment of sports injuries. It is also important to remember that pain isn't only a symptom. If pain persists for a long period of time, it can become the problem itself. We call this process sensitisation, and this is associated with a lower threshold for pain. This is why it's always better to take charge of your recovery sooner rather than later - it's a lot easier to prevent further injury than it is to undo months of damage!

To hear more from the boys and ask questions specific to YOU, tune in at 9am Saturday 2nd BST May on @WIT.House.LDN Instagram as Ash and Franco host a guest Instagram Live ‘Injury and Mobility Clinic’.

INOV-8 F-LITE G 300 | Your Go To Training Shoe

Discovered somewhat unexpectedly by the functional fitness community in 2009, the F-LITE series has since been a firm favourite gracing the floors of CrossFit boxes across the globe. But what is it exactly, that makes this shoe such a cult hit? And why do you need it?


We catch up with the designers at INOV-8 to understand what makes the G300 a world class training shoe.

“We knew we wanted to create the ultimate versatile shoe, that you could go to the gym, not knowing what the session was going to consist of and the shoe would be perfect every time.”

INOV-8 Training and Exercise manager Fran Calvert


With a comprehensive range of versatile shoes already in their range and each with their own, unique features, before the F-LITE G300 there was a clear gap in the collection for one shoe that incorporated every single one of them.

The goal was to create product with the weight, flexibility of the F-LITE 235 V3, the breathability and drop of the F-LITE 260 KNIT, the cushioning of the F-LITE 230 AND the supportiveness and durability of the F-LITE 290.

“When I briefed this shoe, my main goal was the to fill the gaps, to not need to take 3 pairs of shoes to the gym depending on what workout you were doing. I wanted that one perfect, all-rounder". Fran Calvert

INOV-8 combined all of these qualities plus more to create the most well-rounded list of features yet in the G300:

- Graphene outsole

- Graphene POWERHEEL

- Sock-line liner fit

- ROPE-TEC Protection

- Protective cage

- Extra-cushioned forefoot

- Brand new, Boomerang Footbed

- Super breathable Engineered-Knit upper

- Lightweight design

A world first, the F-LITE G 300 is made with Graphene, the strongest material known to man, yet one of the lightest materials on the planet. Using graphene in the shoe’s rubber increases durability and flexibility whilst ensuing the rubber is super lightweight – the perfect combination for a training shoe.

CrossFit Games athlete Dani Speegle has been part of the development process since the start.

“I have been in the testing process since the very start for this shoe, so I have seen it evolve. My favourite thing about the shoe, is that I find the F-LITE G 300 has the perfect balance of being able to run and being able to lift, you usually get one or the other, but this has both.”   Dani Speegle

The perfect all rounder, for whatever your WOD has instore, the F-LITE G 300 is one of a kind.


You might not have heard of them yet, but German born event concept HYROX are upping the ante on the competitive fitness scene.  

They are the first premium functional fitness competition series designed for EVERYBODY, not just elite athletes or those who receive an invitation. 

The first of this nature, HYROX is an attractive event concept for 10 million gym members globally and counting. Competitors around the world, all compete in the same race, on the same course. A HYROX event hosts up to 3,000 participants per day, with fitness enthusiasts leaving their best efforts on the floors of arenas all over the globe, in a given season. 

The challenge is always the same format; competitors are faced with a 1km run, followed by one functional workout, which is repeated 8 times.

Now set to expand across Europe and globally, you may want to learn a little bit more about them…

Not unlike a triathlon or marathon, participants across various divisions and age groups compete, finish, and are timed (via chips) on the same course that always follows the 1km run and functional workout challenge arrangement. Thus, being a test of endurance, strength and mental stamina. Each season culminates with the HYROX World Championship event, which is due to take place in the United States later this year.

According to Upsolut Sports Co-founder Moritz Fürste, who has two Olympic gold Field Hockey medals under his belt, HYROX is doing for fitness, what Marathon races did for running, attracting people to really engage in the sport and test their performance.


“The fitness industry is still growing, especially on a global scale. Plenty of new products are entering the market, ranging from new boutique studio concepts, to training apps and equipment. But every new innovation is focused on enhancing training. So how do you attract more people to fitness and even more importantly how do you attract people to get more engaged in the way they train? Through competitive events, similar to what marathons did for running. HYROX is filling this large gap in the world of fitness and will change the perception of many gym members.  Now their training has a new, ongoing goal! No matter what happens.”

Are you ready to test yourself? Find your nearest HYROX event by clicking the link below. 


Episode 3 is LIVE!

Get ready for the third and final instalment of WIT Does Strength In Depth 2020. Join us behind the scenes as we catch up with Team Mayhem, Fittest Woman on Earth Tia Clair Toomey and Event Co-Founder Ollie Mansbridge.


You know the name, you know the logo, you know the athletes but do you know how it all began and what it is that makes INOV-8 shoes an elite favourite?  

It’s time to get to know the real INOV-8…

Founded in 2003 by Zimbabwe-born, Wayne Edy, INOV-8 was forged in the fells and mountains of the British Lake District after Wayne spotted a gap in the UK off-road running market and designed a shoe that later took the running community by storm. 



In 2009, to add to the ever-growing running range, Wayne created a shoe designed to be a mountain-running flat, the F-LITE. It was lightweight, cushioned with superior support, but adopted by an athlete new to INOV-8….

“We created a great shoe, lightweight, supportive, cushioned and had all the features you would want in a running flat, but we didn’t sell very many… until unexpectedly, it was discovered by the functional fitness community. Suddenly we couldn’t get enough F-LITES out there, we were doubling orders, and in 2011 our US business grew by 400%.”– INOV-8 Founder, Wayne Edy

From that point on, the F-LITE franchise was born…

“We never follow others, we carve our own way…” – INOV-8 FOUNDER, WAYNE EDY


From the very beginning, INOV-8 has always lived by the philosophy that an athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products and used their famous slogan GET A GRIP to promote the brands commitment to focusing on grip, toughness and the athlete.

Continuing to push the boundaries of sports footwear innovation, in 2016, INOV-8 started working with The University of Manchester, which homes The National Graphene Institute.

Graphene is a material that is just one atom thick but 200x stronger than steel! It is thin, light, flexible with limitless potential.

After 2 years of working with the Graphene Institute, creating a number of prototypes, hundreds of hours of testing and re-testing, INOV-8 launched the first-ever sports footwear to utilise graphene, delivering the world’s toughest grip. This saw the launch of the G-SERIES range which included the F-LITE G 290; a range of footwear made with this ground-breaking technology, meaning the outsoles are 50% stronger, 50% harder wearing and 50% more elastic.



INOV-8 was one of the first brands on the functional fitness scene - way back in 2009. “Knowing how the shoe was so organically found, welcomed and loved by these athlete’s way back in 2009 makes me truly proud to work with INOV-8, and I will be forever grateful to the community for that.” – INOV-8 Training and Fitness Manager, Fran Calvert. 


As the brand comes into its 11th year in the community, they are showing that they are here to stay…

In the last 2 years alone INOV-8  signed CrossFit Games legend Scott Panchik and 2019 CrossFit Games Open USA champ Dani Speegle, and have released a world first in sports footwear with the brand new F-LITE G 300, their most versatile shoe yet and the world’s first shoe to use graphene - the strongest material known to man - in the outsole and midsole.

Still,  they’re only just getting started.


The story starts in Switzerland and now ten years on from its humble yet ambitious conception, On has found its way to WIT-FITNESS.COM

 The award winning running specialist, will be available at WIT April 2020. Read on to hear how and why On could be the best outdoor training partner you’ve ever had.

Born in the Swiss Alps, On set out in 2010 with a big ambition: to revolutionize the sensation of running. It’s all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs – otherwise known as running on clouds. On’s radically different running technology, CloudTec®, is now patented worldwide.


It all started with three friends, brought together by their love of running and a shared mission. After retiring from professional competition, three-time world duathlon champion and multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard devoted himself to finding a running shoe that would give him the perfect running sensation. In doing so, he crossed paths with a like-minded Swiss engineer who had an idea for a new kind of running shoe. In the years that followed, the perfect symbiosis of running experience and engineering expertise allowed that first radical idea to be refined.

Dozens of prototypes were developed, but the basic concept — cushioned landing, firm take-off — remained paramount throughout. It was this unique running sensation that convinced Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann to come aboard too. Together with Bernhard, they formally established the On in Zürich in January 2010. Their mission to develop a product range fully engineered in Switzerland using the latest technology picked up pace.

Just a month later, in February, the prototypes won the ISPO BrandNew Award, one of the most important prizes for innovation in sport. Test runners were enthusiastic and spoke of running on clouds. In July 2010, the first running stores had On shoes on their shelves.

In 2019, Roger Federer joined On as a co-entrepreneur. He brought his unique experience to help take product development, marketing and fan experiences to new levels, further adding to the spirit of On’s high performance culture and tenacious athlete spirit.

Today, On is the fastest-growing running brand on the planet, having been embraced into the hearts, and onto the feet, of millions of runners in over fifty counties and soon to be available at WIT and on yours…

"Dozens of prototypes were developed, but the basic concept — cushioned landing, firm take-off — remained paramount throughout. "


Made by CrossFitters, for CrossFitters, since day one.  

An evolution spanning 9 years, with each generation of the shoe building on and forging new victories in the sport of fitness, the Reebok Nano is and always has been synonymous with the legacy of CrossFit.

The team that design the shoe are obsessive with the sport and immersed in the community of their local box, persistently asking for feedback and never afraid of critique. Arguably, a unique and valuable point of difference, which has enabled the Nano to develop and sustain its accolade as a world class CrossFit shoe for almost a decade.  

As we wait in suspense for the release of the Nano X, we take a brief look back at the history and evolution of the shoe with Reebok’s Senior Product Manager Tal Short. What does it take to produce a shoe deserving of a 10th generation? Scroll on to find out.

"Every odd number introduces a new sole, every even number reworks the upper to perfection. The problem the shoe tries to solve doesn’t change, but the technology to solve it does."

Striving for Improvement

Instead of releasing something radically different every season/year, the Nano evolves throughout its existence. Every odd number introduces a new sole, every even number reworks the upper to perfection. The problem the shoe tries to solve doesn’t change, but the technology to solve it does.


Evolving Alongside the Sport

The Nano evolves with the sport. While the early versions were more geared towards high peak performance during events at a time when CrossFit was smaller, later editions became more for everyone in the community, and adapted to new developments within CrossFit (for example the rise of running as part of a WOD)


The Birth of a New Category

There was no CrossFit footwear before the Nano. Reebok took a risk on a very niche and hardcore activity and supported its growth.


The Cult Status

Especially during its early days, wearing a Nano was a sign that you belonged to the CrossFit community. It was a badge of honor and a common bond between people in the community.


The Icon

Throughout the years Reebok has re-issued previous models because the community simply loves these shoes. Much like iconic shoes from the past that are still sold today, people have bonded with models like the 2.0 and the 4.0. They can’t say goodbye to them, and that says a lot about the impact these shoes have made.